Catfish and Peaches? Introducing Angelina Capri

Sep 20, 2014
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A Cindi Spiegler aka Fake Doctor Cindi investigation:

There’s a semi-popular gal on Twitter named Angelina Capri. She describes herself as a squirt queen, stripper and model among other occupations, both adult and non-adult. Several of my followers follow her as well.

She even has a listing on the popular FreeOnes website linking to various social media accounts.

angelina capri

Photo of “Angelina Capri”

Photo of "Angelina Capri"

Photo of “Angelina Capri”

In addition to being a porn starlet, pro wrestler, nurse, and med student, she is also a singer who has been signed to a record label:


She’s also a kick boxer who webcams and does live strip shows…

Catfish and Peaches? Introducing... Angelina Capri -- tweets

And a professional mainstream model who was recently hired to do a tourist promotional shoot for the state of Hawaii Tourism Authority.


Quite an accomplished young woman. There’s just one problem. The girl in the photos? She was a dancer on the East Coast who went by the stage name Christy Peaches.

Christy took to Twitter this summer to expose this Angelina fraud. She even uploaded a few videos (NSFW language) to YouTube on Thursday.

The “catfishing” impostor claims to have performed in gang bangs and “Fuck-A-Fans” but these is no visual record of any of this. I consulted with several people I know who watch a lot of porn and have way too much knowledge about it, and nobody has heard of Angelina Capri.

How could it be that a young woman who claims to be a porn star/pro-wrestler/nurse/med student that shoots gang bangs every week in Los Angeles has not a single verifiable person to step forward and say she’s real?

This is a woman who supposedly went to ComicCon dressed as Cat Woman but didn’t take a single pic.


There is now an Angelina Capri website set up with registration info in the Netherlands — the same place Freeones lists as Angelina’s birthplace. The plot thickens.

More to come….

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Catfish and Peaches? Introducing… Angelina Capri | The Rob Black Website
9 years ago

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9 years ago

I have outed Angelina on Twitter. Follow me @Kravenmoorhead

9 years ago

Anyone remembers the old Alexa diCarlo “Faux Ho” scam? “Alexa”, for those who missed it, was a supposed high-class call girl/sex worker who turned out to be a pseudonym for a male former progreammer who was stealing other people’s photos and using his “alias” as a free pass to get into other escorts’ panties. Something telle me that “Angelina Capri” just might be another man playing the same game.

If it sounds too good to be true, most likely it isn’t. Real sluts don’t lie. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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