APAG Statement RE: Security Breach Notice

Dec 6, 2016
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It has come to the attention of the Adult Performers Actors Guild that several performers may be at risk of identity theft. We are expressing concern over a disgruntled employee, who has been employed by numerous production companies, and is believed to have stolen performer information that is readily available on 2257 documents. This news is of major concern to performers and is a reminder that producers and directors need to be sure to handle performers privacy with respect and diligence. Many performers do not realize that their private information is legally protected by their civil rights. When a violation of privacy occurs, it is the responsibility of the custodian of those of records to alert any performer whose privacy and civil rights have been violated.


Unfortunately, this is not the first time a performers private and personal information has been stolen due to lax security measures by a producer, director, or even agent. We ask that those who employ performers, and thus receive their private and personal information, treat it as they would their own. Many performers have experienced identity theft due to poor 2257 paperwork storage, and we would like to put an end to this issue. The Guild is currently working on ways to better secure performers privacy and secure their safety.

If you as a performer feel your privacy has been violated, please contact the Adult Performers Actors Guild. You may reach us through our website http://www.apagunion.com/ or dm us on http://www.twitter.com/apag_guild

Adult Performers Actors Guild Officers
President Sean Michaels
Vice President Alana Evans
2nd Vice President Melissa Hill
Sergeant At Arms Amber Lynn
Secretary Nicki Hunter

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Bella Doll
6 years ago

Wow. APAG can’t even follow it’s own rules, allows one person (Alana Evans) to essentially run the entire guild by herself with only the help of her trusty lapdog Melissa Hill, ‘fires’ people (illegally) with YEARS more experience (TWICE) because they are a threat to the planned career resurgences of has-beens under the guise of union control… So, Pot. Meet Kettle. Disorganized bureaucracy at its worst should not be pointing out flaws of others in the industry until it moves out of its glass house. Did anyone else notice the entirely new website created for unexplained reasons? Well, I just… Read more »

Bye Bella
Bye Bella
6 years ago

Someone seems butt hurt ? how many unions have rid themselves of you Bella?

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