Adult Performers Advocacy Committee (APAC) Or APAG?? That’s A No Brainer

Aug 15, 2016
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I’ve had a steady stream of people asking me which one is better.. My answer is always the same, APAC hands down.

APAC Website Header


That pic has more people in it than APAG has members.


That’s Union founder Phyllisha Anne on the right, the one who signed on to back Prop60, and APAG board members Amber Lynn and Sean Michaels, as of today, neither of them have spoken out publicly against Prop60.. Membership is everything, APAC has it, APAG doesn’t..


Lets check out their Social Media Accounts


After going back 2 months on APAC’s twitter I found no attacks on performers. I then checked Chanel Preston’s, and Ela Darlings.. No attacks on fellow performers either and lots of NoProp60 stuff..

Lets check APAG’s, as well as APAG board members..


Oh, that’s right, they blocked the most outspoken opponent of PROP60. Don’t worry, I have 823 twitter accounts…

FullSizeRender(47) FullSizeRender(48)

Ouch.. Twitter wars? Trashing active performers while simultaneously needing them to get your start up off the ground isn’t a good business practice. These are just a few of the over 20 tweets sent out attacking performers..  Now, I know what you’re thinking, Sean, you’ve engaged in a spirited battle on twitter from time to time. This is true,  but im just a random, part time sex trafficker/ fan boy who for absolutely no reason attacked the Union founder Phylissha Anne. If I ever create Sean’s Union id probably slow down on the twitter wars, but not the sex trafficking..


When it comes to handling adversity..

Last year APAC leader James Deen was accused of assault by several women, most of those stories were disproved, he stepped down from APAC. Not wanting his personal issues to affect APAC in a negative light..

When scandal hit IEAU not once, not twice, but 3 times, all Union founder Phyllisha Anne did was remove the people who spoke out against her, manipulate elections, and appoint more friends to key positions. All of that is amazing since according to her own union rules, she didn’t have the power to do any of that..Meanwhile,  APAG members sat by and watched this happen, even going as far as to speak out against the people who were speaking out against Phyllisha Anne.  Turns out, those people were right and in my Adam Sandler/Bob Barker voice, APAG was WRONG bitch.


How about the election process?  APAC’s

Back in June, APAC began sending out emails to members asking them to nominate themselves or others for the elected positions.  We also sent out a press release on June 30th detailing the upcoming elections and the nomination process.  Attaching that press release to this email – in case you’d like to have a look.  Nominees were given the opportunity to campaign at the APAC meeting on August 7th

An elected term is 1 year. The term for the new board will begin in September.

Union/APAG was supposed to have an open election, the votes were supposed to be tallied live online. None of that happened, people were taken by surprise that had been elected, some weren’t even members of the union.. The “elected” Union President was removed by Phyllisha Anne, and Sean Michael’s, a non Union member was appointed as President..In the end, you got hand picked people who will be in these positions for 4 years..


4 years, think about that. If you were to do an average age of the APAG board, it would be close to 45, probably higher.. Do you honestly think a bunch of over 45’s who for the most part don’t shoot anymore can school an active performer?  Most of the active talent pool as no clue who VP Melissa Hill, who wasn’t even on the ballot for VP, or Amber Lynn is, but I guarantee they know who Chanel Preston is. I once asked Mark who was the smartest performer he worked with, he quickly replied “Chanel Preston.”



APAC– “We do not have membership dues. It is completely free to sign up. They just have to be an active performer. ”  LOL active performer would eliminated just about all of APAG and The Union. HMmmm
APAG Now, no one will give me a str8 answer about money. The only answer I can get is they will charge performers to be a member..Information I’ve taken from there own website ranges from a $600 Initiation fee, to a monthly dues of 40 bucks. But maybe those fees will go down since the Union just took a bunch of money from AHF. BTW, Anyone got an accounting of that money?  Just joking, im sure it got put to good use, sniff sniff

Never fear people, your dues will not be wasted, certain members of the Union and APAG think they are entitled to a salary..

That was a message to elected APAG President Evan Stone from Union Founder Phyllisha Anne, when she couldn’t bribe him, she removed him and elected errr appointed Sean Michaels..


Some of the benefits of APAC

-We are part of First Entertainment Credit Union, so anyone who is an APAC member can be a part of the union and be honest about the work they do.

-Meetings every other month that all performers are welcome to attend. There they can voice concerns and stay up to date with industry industry going-ons. A lot of new performers attend to meet veteran performers.

-Panels are held prior to each performer meeting. The panels are education that relates to performers such as how to do your taxes, how our testing system works, how to market yourself in the porn industry etc.

-APAC Stamp – This is an approval system for professionals. A lot of performers struggle to find professionals who respect sex workers, and this stamp ensures that these professionals abide by certain criteria. We can remove their stamp if we find they are not respecting performers.

-Not only are they able to vote for the board every year, they can also participate in other votes we have through out the year. Besides the elections, the votes are meant to better understand the community we serve, and gives us a chance to hear performers’ voices that don’t attend the meetings.

-We work hard to ensure the projects we work on reflect what our membership has asked us to do. We are also very transparent and post all member meeting minutes on our website.

-We have been heavily involved in legislative work and as a member, your voice counts towards how we approach what performers want. Also, we are part of the PASS advisory board so we have input in our testing system.

-We will be implementing the Peer-to peer mentor program this year where we pair veteran performers with new performers or other performers who need help navigating the industry. We are currently working towards raising money for the program so that our mentors will have legitimate peer-to-peer training.

Of course that stuff may not be for everyone, if you’re looking for a group that was built on a foundation of lies and corruption, run by people collecting SSI, who want your money to pay thier bills, then APAG is perfect for you.. If you do decide to join APAG, tell them Sean sent ya, you’ll get a 20% discount for life..


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7 years ago

That’s great stuff.. Can’t imagine anyone wanting to join APAG after the Prop60 stuff.

7 years ago

So these scrubs want 200k a year? Wow.

Jon Jon
Jon Jon
7 years ago

“Run by people collecting SSI” LMAO - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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