Attending the 2015 CES Convention? The Ultimate Destination to Relax is Sheri’s Ranch

Dec 31, 2014
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sheri's ranch

After a long day on the convention floors, Sheri’s Ranch is the place to getaway from the CES Madness

(January 2nd, 2014, Pahrump, Nevada) – Upscale legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch has been the go-to destination for those attending the CES Convention, held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada. Over the years, those who converge on Las Vegas for one of the largest expos in the world find Sheri’s Ranch, located an hour away from The Strip, as their best final destination to get away from the madness of discovering the latest technological trends, new devices, and creative ideas that will engage tech enthusiasts in the new year.

sheri's ranch

In recent news, Sheri’s Ranch has just upped the ante for Best Las Vegas Trip Ever with Sheri’s Ultimate Adult Sex Vacation packages, customized specifically for men, women, and couples seeking erotic adventure in the Sin City area. Sheri’s Ranch is the only travel destination in the United States that offers a legal, safe, and STD-free sex-fueled retreat for gentlemen and couples for extended adult getaways. The customized packages can be viewed on the Sheri’s Sex Vacation web page at   The sex resort’s multi-tiered packages include complimentary luxury car service, a room at the hotel, dinner and champagne with courtesan(s) of the client’s choice, and a voucher towards a negotiated sex party with a Sheri’s lady.

“These packages were created in response to the increasing number of single men and couples who book multi-day holidays at the brothel,” said Dena, the madam of Sheri’s Ranch. “I started working with the Sheri’s Ranch team over eight years ago; since then, we’ve seen a significant spike in the number of sex tourists who visit here on extended stays. In the last three years we’ve seen a nearly 10% increase in couples visiting our establishment. During CES, and January as a whole, these numbers increase even more, so it is definitely a good idea to book in advance.”

Dena attributes this spike to Sheri’s unique offerings. “We’re the only legal brothel with a full-service hotel, so I think the word has gotten out that sex tourists can now take their time, relax and stay overnight, swim in our pool, dine at our restaurant, and have a tremendous amount of naughty fun with our ladies without ever leaving our 20 acre property.”

Feel the need to relieve stress during the long CES week? Sheri’s Ranch is giving customers the opportunity to enjoy one of the oldest forms of underground erotic massage by bringing NURU Massage out of the shadows and into the limelight.  Nuru is a full body massage where the masseuse uses her entire nude body to stimulate her equally naked client. Both participants are covered with the lubricating, seaweed-based gel, which allows for highly arousing “body slide” activity. Popular in Japanese bathhouses for several decades, nuru is a wet massage in which both the client and the masseuse are fully nude. A slippery all-natural gel is heated to a comfortable temperature and generously applied to both participants. The masseuse then glides her glistening naked body over her client’s, causing a unique tactile sensation that is startlingly arousing.

Sheri’s Ranch has made multiple headlines this past fall, leading up to 2015. Sheri’s Ranch was featured on the cover of the Las Vegas Review Journal’s Sunday edition in November, entitled “One red light goes out, while another goes for broke.” The company recently announced its ‘Best Las Vegas Trip Ever with Sheri’s Ultimate Adult Sex Vacation Packages’.  The article goes into the history of brothels in Nevada, the subsequent demise of a competing brothel, and how Sheri’s recent announcement  “toward a new, upscale market comes at what could be a make-or-break moment for a struggling industry that has long catered mostly to truckers and transient miners in the dark parlors of ramshackle houses.” The Las Vegas Review Journal article can be read HERE:

“Since Chuck Lee bought the brothel and the 310 acres surrounding it in 2001, he has said he has poured an estimated $20 million into the property, adding seven standard hotel rooms and three themed suites, a swimming pool, sports bar and restaurant, among other amenities. In 2012, the brothel opened six fantasy bungalows called “Sheri’s Playland” and introduced other new services, resulting in a significant increase in business at a time when other, smaller brothels are withering on the vine.”  In closing, the article points out how “It might even mark the beginning of a new trend in the brothel business — something akin to the rise of the megaresort on Las Vegas Boulevard — in which small, far-flung operations like the Shady Lady give way to opulent brothel resorts clustered as close to Las Vegas as the law will allow.”

Nikki  M. Mascali, editor for TheBlot Magazine wrote a detailed story about Sheri’s Ranch this past November.  “Sheri’s Ranch looks like any other resort sitting on the edge of the beautiful Nevada desert. The lush hotel grounds boast a pool, Jacuzzi, sports bar and tennis and volleyball courts, plus there’s a spa for the utmost pampering. It’s pretty much everything you’d want in a restful spot — especially considering the ranch offers a pretty unusual room service menu.” You can read more of Nikki’s article at

Sheri’s story and success was captured in an exclusive profile written and published by the magazine Business Insider.  Entitled I Walked Into A Nevada Brothel And My Expectations Were Shattered, Business Insider’s Dylan Love made a trip Sheri’s to discover the inner workings of the company, interview the women of Sheri’s Ranch, and sit down with Chuck Lee, the owner of Sheri’s Ranch. “Sheri’s Ranch is a compelling demonstration that legalized and well-regulated prostitution can be safe, functional, and profitable,” says Love. “There’s an ineffable welcoming quality to Sheri’s Ranch. There is no shame, no fear, no judgment to be found anywhere near the place.” The article can be found online at

Sheri’s Ranch sits on 20 acres of beautifully-maintained, private property, boasting a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tennis courts, a sports bar/restaurant, six fantasy rooms, VIP bungalows and Sheri’s BDSM dungeon, while guests stay in the resort’s seven standard rooms and three themed suites that offer cozy fireplaces and romantic couples’ bath.

“There’s just so much sexual variety offered at Sheri’s, from our themed VIP Bungalows, Bubble Bath and Hot Tub Party Rooms, BDSM Dungeon, to our newly renovated suite of fantasy role play rooms and nuru massage parlor,” said Dena. “It really doesn’t matter what your sexual proclivities are, be it threesomes or fetishes or whatever, our ladies can accommodate your every desire.”

Hotel Rooms:

Sheri’s Playland:

Nuru Massage:


Sheri’s Ranch is located at 10551 Homestead Road, Pahrump, NV 89061. Please call (866) 820-9100 for more information.
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