Avery Black makes Stirling Cooper her bitch

Mar 25, 2021
Adult Business
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Ever notice that mopes walk around porn land thinking they’re the shit..Stirling Cooper is that guy. Day in and day out, let him tell it, he’s the next Manual Corvus Deen.

This morning he was lecturing the world about women and rape fantasies, and a couple days ago, he  decided to let us know he may take our girlfriends.. lol  Which prompted this response


Ouch!   Seems Dr. Mope has some peepee issues.

But he doesn’t let than stop him from pushing his how to be a porn mope teachings

My personal favorite

Stirling knows how to grow a penis. Like to plant some pubes, water it every day, until it blossoms? Do you do what Peter Griffin did and tie it to the back of a car? You would think with this knowledge, he would be doing less 5 man gangbangss and instead go around helping guys grow 10 inch penis’s and maybe some strawberries

And you would think he would grow his a little bigger, that’s a Johnny Goodluck sized penis, not a guy who claims to be able to know how to grow penis’s like a corn farmer grows corn.  And im saying this in a non James Bartholet way…

I just think if you claim to be able to grow penis’s, like a Midwest hay grower, you should have a giant penis.  A penis that works

Sadly, Dr. Mope blocked me this morning, for no reason.

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