Bikini Baristas Accused Of Selling Peep Shows [VIDEO]

Feb 22, 2013
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Some of the employees of the Grab-N-Go espresso stands may be taking the name of their company a bit too literally.

Three bikini baristas have been arrested Wednesday in Everett, Wa., for allegedly selling strip shows to customers instead of cappuccinos.

The violations occurred at two Grab-N-Go stands, which is where several baristas were charged with prostitution back in 2009, according to

The arrests came after a two-month undercover investigation.

In some cases, the breast-baring baristas wouldn’t sell coffee at all, and only be paid for showing skin, according to the Associated Press.

“We arrested the participants in the act,” Everett police spokesman Aaron Snell told the Everett Herald Net newspaper.

Police said all the alleged strip shows were caught on video survillance, but Grab-N-Go owner Bill Wheeler is denouncing the accusations, saying every customer that comes through has to buy a drink.

“If any girls break our policies and procedures, if they do anything of that nature, then they’re terminated on the spot,” he said, according to

Kassi Carlson, who became a bikini barista at one of the Grab-N-Gos a week ago said she’s never seen illegal activity but was warned she might be propositioned.

“One of my girls who got me the job here. She was, like, don’t do any of that stuff,” Carlson told KCPQ-TV. “People might ask, but don’t do any of that.”


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