Bikini-Barista Coffee Shop Closed After Owner Accidently Broadcasts Sexcapades Over The Internet

Apr 8, 2012
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A risque coffee stand was shut down on Friday as graphic images fueled rumors of a porn scandal in its back rooms.

Girl Town Espresso, in Lynnwood, Washington is filled with video cameras, capturing footage of bikini-clad baristas serving coffee.

Initially installed to guard against theft, the stand’s owner, Rick Summers, came up with a unique business plan when he decided to broadcast raunchy images of his staff across the web.

Risque: Scantily-clad baristas serve coffee at the Girltown Espresso stand in Lynnwood, Washington.

‘I thought well someone might be interested — a voyeur seeing someone work in their bikini-type outfit,’ he said.

But viewers got more than they bargained for on Friday when images of Summers having sex with his girlfriend went viral.

Photos ended up in the in tray of the Snohomish County Health District, which launched an investigation into the business and shut it down.

Summers admitted to being the man in the photos, but claimed they were old, taken when the stand was closed.

He claimed he thought the website had been shut down at the time the couple were having sex, adding that a hacker had got into the site and stole the images.

‘We just got caught up in the moment and I had no idea that [cameras were rolling],’ he said, adding that they had got carried away while painting the interior.

On Saturday health officials checked paint colours in the video to see if it matched up with his steamy decorating tale and decided he was telling the truth.

The wall color in the video was different to how it looks today, indicating that the footage was old, as Summers had claimed.

To his relief he was allowed to re-open the stand and it was business as usual from Sunday.

‘I feel a lot better about everything,’ he said. ‘Everything’s out in the open.’

Source: Daily Mail

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