Brooklyn Dentist Accused Of Creating Fake Escort Profile To Have Ex Deported

Oct 11, 2012
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A young Russian woman has accused her ex-boyfriend of posting sexy pictures of her on a fake escort profile he created in a bid to get her deported from the U.S.

Ruzilya Khusnutdinova, 24, claims Vladimir Dranovsky – a Brooklyn dentist twice her age – sent a link to the web page to immigration officials, according to court documents.

She has filed a lawsuit in Brooklyn Supreme Court demanding $16million in damages from the 42-year-old and the company hosting the profile.

The page, which was still active yesterday, boasted she had a ‘medium frame and very touchy breasts’.

It offered an explicit menu of sexual services ranging ‘from $200 to $600 per hour, depends on fantasy’ alongside images of her posing seductively on a hotel bed in a black bra and thong.

A Brooklyn dentist has been accused of creating a fake profile for his Russian ex-girlfriend on escort website (above) and sending the link to immigration in an attempt to get her deported.

Mr Dranovsky says he has never heard of the site, doesn’t recall taking pictures of her and claims Miss Khusnutdinova was actually a sex worker, it was reported in the New York Daily News.

Miss Khusnutdinova told of the moment U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers knocked on her door in May and showed her the advert on

‘They pulled out my naked pictures. At first, I’m scared, then surprised and shocked,’ she said.

She says she was questioned for several hours, during which she insisted she had not engaged in prostitution.

Her lawyer says she has unsuccessfully tried to get the profile removed by Florida-based Primal Ventures Inc, which runs the site.

Ruzilya Khusnutdinova

Miss Khusnutdinova says she was studying biochemistry in the Russian city of Kazan when she met Mr Dranovsky through a dating website.

She says he helped her get a student visa by enrolling in a language school in 2009 and that it was while they were on a romantic trip to Lake George a year later that she claims the pictures were taken.

But Mr Dranovsky, who owns a dental practice in Bensonhurst, said she was already working for an escort service at the time, a claim she denies.

Court documents say she dumped Dranovsky after he became abusive and also refused to return her passport unless she gave him $4,000.

He was charged with grand larceny, but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in February, court papers show.

Miss Khusnutdinova is seeking damages for negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation and civil rights violations, it was reported on

Paul Brown, the owner of Primal Ventures, has not returned calls.


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Fake Mike South
Fake Mike South
11 years ago

If she needs some money can I interest her in a Fake Southern Bukkake? We’re paying into the triple digits now.

Fake Gene Ross
Fake Gene Ross
11 years ago

She is about on par for what is expected to be encountered when engaging a Russian escort in Brooklyn’s many tenement apartments. Always 20 pounds larger than the Backpage ad portrays them. Mechanical and rushed experiences too. It is on par with having sexual relations with an unconscious Ecuadorian chap, without the smell of Cuervo wafting around the room. The Russian call girls appear of age, with better hygiene and safer parking, than the Brooklyn escorts of African American decent, who generally appear on both Backpage and the Runaway Board in the local supermarkets. In either case, a flaccid penis… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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