Dallas Novelty Featured on Mic.com; Leads The Charge On Sex Toys For The Disabled

Aug 25, 2015
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Dallas, TX – For years the Adult Novelty Industry has innovated and developed products for almost every group of people except for a select few; one large portion of them including the growing population of disabled Americans.

Dallas Novelty, which was started in 2003 by Nick Mahler was recently the subject of an in depth profile on Mic.com the growing market of Sex Toys for the disabled. Mahler’s fight for making sex toys more accessible for disabled people which now account for almost 49% of the American Public was inspired by his own fight while suffering from Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva more commonly known as FOP. FOP is a genetic disorder that causes muscles, joints and ligaments to slowly fuse together, or ossify, with solid bone. Over time, the disease reduces mobility as sufferers become literally trapped in their own bodies. Mahler was 1 of 2 million worldwide who was eventually fell victim to this disease and as a result, eventually had to leave a successful career in the mortgage industry and had to find a way to work from home as his disease prevented him from using almost anything except for his fingers. Fortunately, with the World Wide Web, all he needed was his fingers and his voice and he was able to create to one of the most popular online retail sites for sex toys on the web; DallasNovelty.com.


Mahler has been very open with his disease, even traveling all over the country to different medical facilities to be operated and tested on to help further research, treatment, and a cure for FOP, all the while managing his site, adding new products every day, and maintain an amazing track record of customer service. Dallas Novelty now houses almost every adult manufacturer and over 15,000 products with Mahler managing every aspect of the business down to writing the descriptions and measurements for each product.

He is also extremely keen on customer service, especially once his story got out and he added a Disabled category full of products to his site, huge numbers of customers started began contacting him about the section and asking him what toy would work best for their specific disability.

Mahler told Mic “Our boomer population is getting older,” Mahler told Mic, referring to the demographic that has a large percentage of people with physical disabilities. “They still enjoy sex and masturbation and they want ways to continue experiencing pleasure even if they might be mobility impaired.”

He added that most existing sex toys work well enough for the disabled if users know about a number of sex toy hacks, they can turn a toy made for able-bodied customers know how to use them in a different way.”

With more than a decade of adding one sex toy at a time, Mahler has seen manufacturers start to focus on this growing population of consumers.

Earlier in 2014, Tom Stewart, Founder of Sportsheets International, one of the largest BDSM/Fetish manufacturers in the world, began developing sex toys designed specifically for paraplegics and quadriplegics to help them get their sex lives back by developing a number of different harnesses which enabled the Disabled to be able to engage in sexual activities that they once enjoyed but were now limited from doing because of their disablements. The story was covered in depth on VICE.

Mahler also revealed that he is currently developing a sister site that will serve strictly as a resource to compliment DallasNovelty.com that will serve as an information resource for disabled people to find the perfect Sex Toy by searching by Disability.

To read the full article on Mic.com, click here.

To browse Dallas Novelty’s section of hand-picked disabled friendly toys, please click here.

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