Dear Brad Newman, No means NO!

Mar 16, 2021
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brad newman

Porn has levels of scumbags, most of those scumbags are motivated by sex. Whether it’s writing 5 word PRs and trading stepped on blow for pussy, pretending to be a photographer and promising news coverage for pussy,  writing 5000 word essays with the hopes of securing meth and anal, getting the pussy then beating them, or using the persons pussy to make yourself richer by way of referral fees…These are lower levels of scumbags, or as some would call it, the “Porn Norm”

Then you have your higher tier group of scumbags, the people who think women in porn are beneath them, and they can in turn do whatever they want to them. This is where people like Brad Newman fit in.

Brad is one of the guys who thinks his booking goes beyond his scene partner. On multiple occasions, Brad has been accused of finding his way into the shower of another girl on set and allegedly forcing himself on them, one of the people he did that to, could literately have him disappear from porn forever But she doesn’t want to deal with the trolling that goes with it. Another performer, privately, outright said he raped her, his behavior is not a secret.

And of course he’s on the OC Modeling roster, a who’s who of  male shitheads. Looking over the roster, I can count 6 guys who’ve been accused of beating and stalking scene partners, or porn GF’s. Enough to make a whole other post about Sandra’s willingness to make money off performers who’ve been accused of abusing women in porn. I would think as a women, Sandra would stay away from some of the more SHADY guys in the biz.

I wonder what Tasha “everyone wants to rape me” Reign has to say about sharing roster spots with guys who’ve been accused of beating other women, rape, and myriad of disgusting things.

When it comes to women claiming assault, I always take the total number of accusations, and divide it in half, after all the world is full of Kora Peters, but even using that math, 6 of the guys on the OC site should be in county lockup. But hey, 120 bucks is 120 bucks, so Brad will continue to inject his dick, go uninvited into set bathrooms and try to bang his scene partner after the scene is over or other chicks off camera, whether they want to or not. Not to mention being predatory and harassing to new talent on content trade, which his girlfriend Laney Grey has a hand in.

I know, I just made all of this up, no guy in porn would do this

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Don't taze me bro
Don't taze me bro
30 days ago

Brad is a legendary piece of crap - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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