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Apr 8, 2015
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As Social Underground’s resident Sexpert, I am here to answer all your questions about sex, dating and relationships. I graduated valedictorian from the school of hard knocks, so I’m a self-taught kid from the streets of Brooklyn armed with a 9th grade education and a big mouth. I don’t have any degrees, just life experience. Email me:

Sam Phillips

Dear Sammy,

I broke up with my girlfriend of two years a couple of months ago. We are still “friends” on Facebook but do not interact on Facebook, or outside of it. Would it be a ‘dick move’ to un-friend her? While I am not seeing anyone I have moved on, and do not see the point of being her friend on Facebook if we are not friends anywhere else. I do not even like her posts! 

– Bill

Bill, you know the Facebook relationship status ‘It’s Complicated’? Well, that’s my answer to your question about whether or not you should un-friend your ex. It really depends upon the situation.

Since you asked, here are my thoughts on the subject… I am not a big fan of un-friending someone on Facebook (or un-following them on Twitter), even more so if it’s an ex. Especially if some time has past since you guys broke up, or stopped talking, and you hadn’t already un-friended her. To me, this is a drastic step to take at a late date, and it seems like this person is still under your skin. Why let her know by un-friending her?

At some point your ex lover/friend will try to check your page, or want to tag you in some post, or send you a direct message, and they’ll see that you were bothered enough to remove them from your friends list. In my opinion it’s better to leave them guessing, or have them think that you don’t care by not taking any action at all.

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