Dr. Chauntelle Discusses New Book, Exposure, on ‘The Web Psychologist’ Podcast

Jun 23, 2015
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Chauntelle Tibbals

LOS ANGELES (June 23, 2015) – Noted sociologist and adult industry expert Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals discusses the porn business, its stars, gender, media, and more, when she joins best-selling author and host Nathalie Nahai on her popular podcast, “The Web Psychologist.” The episode is now available to stream.


To listen to Dr. Chauntelle’s interview on “The Web Psychologist: Episode 91,” click here.

During the episode, Dr. Chauntelle addresses a variety of topics from her upcoming book, Exposure: A Sociologist Explores Sex, Society, and Adult Entertainment, set to release July 7 through Greenleaf Book Group.

“I’m very thankful to Nathalie for giving me the opportunity to join her and talk about my book on her podcast,” Dr. Chauntelle said. “My book, Exposure, is a fresh look at the business of adult entertainment and the people who have made it the cultural force it is today. It also demystifies some of the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding pornography.”

“The Web Psychologist” features Nahai, a bestselling author and international speaker, who presents a variety of guests from various disciplines in lively discussions on the impact of online technology on attitudes and human behavior. To listen to the additional episodes of Nahai’s podcast visit TheWebPsychologist.com or click here.

“This episode with Dr. Chauntelle was a fascinating foray into the huge, hidden, and often mis-represented world of adult entertainment,” said Nahai. “From the disconnect between what societies claim to think about the adult entertainment versus actual behaviors, to the changing expression of female sexuality over recent years, Dr. Chauntelle explores our relationship to sex, society, and ourselves through the lens of adult entertainment. An interview not to be missed.”

Dr. Chauntelle’s “must-read” book on the porn industry is gaining traction thanks to pre-orders and positive reviews, as it remains atop the Amazon chart for upcoming books on “Social Science: Study of Pornography.” To pre-order the book, click here.

Exposure has gained the attention and praise from academics, media, and adult industry members in recent months. “For anyone with a passing interest in porn—and let’s be honest, we all have more than a passing interest in porn—this book is a must-read,” said EJ Dickson, Lifestyle Editor of The Daily Dot.

Among those impressed with the work whose testimonials were included in the book was Kerry O. Ferris, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology, Northern Illinois University, who said “Many conventional university-types have spurned Dr. Chauntelle and her work merely because of the topic. Do not repeat this mistake. If people are doing it, then sociologists should be studying it, and you should be reading about it in ‘Exposure.’” Her comments will appear on the book’s back cover.

Exposure is a compelling first-hand narrative with a no-holds barred testimonial challenging existing stereotypes about sex and adult entertainment from the perspective of one of its foremost experts. She recounts humorous personal tales at her first adult industry trade convention, reflects on being an AVN Awards judge, and discusses her struggles as a scholar interested in learning more about adult entertainment.

Dedicated to evaluating and understanding the world’s diversifying roles of gender, sexuality, and sex work, as well as unbiased studies of the functioning of the social world, Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D., is one of the premier experts on adult entertainment and its effects on society. From writing riveting columns examining the value of porn as art on Uproxx.com, to debunking myths surrounding men adult film stars on MensHealth.com, and writing about porn star “bromances” on Playboy.com, Dr. Chauntelle works to enhance understanding of unconventional communities in the general public.

Media may request a review copy of Exposure by emailing Press@ChauntelleTibbals.com.

About Dr. Chauntelle:

Sociologist Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D. studies human interaction in and with society, making sense of the patterns and processes she sees occurring in social behavior. Dr. Chauntelle’s scholarly focus includes studies in gender, sexualities, work & organizations, media & new media, popular culture, and qualitative research methods. Her research over the past decade has centered on an extremely varied and volatile topic: the socio-cultural significance of adult content and adult content production. Through understanding both the scholarly/theoretical and real-world sides of the adult entertainment business, her work sheds a fresh critical light on a very influential and highly stigmatized component of our contemporary culture. Dr. Tibbals’ research has been published in numerous scholarly journals including SexualitiesGender Work & OrganizationJournal of Contemporary Ethnography, and Stanford Law and Policy Review and is featured in W.W. Norton’s The Real World (4th ed, 2014). She is quoted and cited extensively by cultural and news media outlets including CNN, NBC News, Business Insider, ABC-Univision, BloombergTV, Huffington Post, Jezebel, Slate, Time Magazine, and KPCC (NPR). For more information, visit her official website, http://ChauntelleTibbals.com, or follow her on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/DrChauntelle, and on Facebook at http://facebook.com/DrChauntelle.

About Nathalie Nahai:
Nathalie Nahai is a web psychologist, international speaker and author of the best-selling book, ‘Webs of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion’ (Pearson). Having coined the term ‘web psychology’ in 2011 as ‘the empirical study of how our online environments influence our attitudes and behaviours’, Nathalie consults with clients around the world including Google, eBay, Pfizer, Moz, Lund University, Harvard Business Review, and Unilever. As well as appearing on national TV and radio, Nathalie has written for national publications and is a resident columnist at Marketing Week. She is also the founder of Humanise The Web, a conference that explores both how the internet influences our behaviours, and how businesses can harness persuasive technologies for good. She lives in London and is currently writing her second book.Tweet her at @NathalieNahai and check out her website, thewebpsychologist.com.
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