Failed Union APAG Hates Cross Dressers

Jan 15, 2018
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Once again APAG, the basically members-less failed union is showing their true colors.

For over a month now, members of APAG has been using the sudden death of August Ames to try and steer people away from APAC, FSC and any other organization they feel is a threat to whatever it is APAG does. Yea, know one really knows that they do other then tweet…

Ruby, someone who’s been removed from the adult industry for about 11 years, seems to the be the mouthpiece for APAG. Constantly promoting the HIV performer in porn lie along with other bullshit that only someone in APAG would believe.

Over the last few days she’s been engaging Brad Armstrong on twitter:

Odd, it would appear that Ruby, a member of APAG, the same APAG that has a Trans performer running it’s social media, is using the term “Cross Dresser” as an insult.  Weird huh?

APAG calls itself the spokesperson for porn, they claim they are out there fighting for the rights of sex workers. Maybe they are, unless that performer is a cross dresser, APAG’s new moto, “Give us your sick, your tired, your hungry, but keep your crossdressing hags away from APAG meetings”

I know, I know, Ruby doesn’t speak for all of APAG:

However, according to Ruby, if you support APAC, you are supporting the people that drove a women to suicide because a couple members of the more then 300 APAC members were tweeting August.  Makes total sense, In Ruby’s head maybe.

A few weeks ago Ruby sent me this DM;

Ahhhh, that’s so sweet,  hopefully after the APAG lies story she feels the same way:

A few days later and Ruby no longer respects me, not only that, but apparently I dont have any credibility. Yes, I lost my credibility when I called APAG for its HIV performer in PASS lie…  Man, that sucks..

So just to recap, APAG hates crossdressers and TRPWL was credible up until the moment it dared call out APAGs lie…





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3 years ago


Robert Grobman
Robert Grobman
3 years ago

How about Alana Evans going on national tv to rat Stormy out?

3 years ago

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