Fifty Shades of Grey: ‘Sexpert’ expects bedroom experiments as shops anticipate sex toy sales climax

Feb 3, 2015
Sex Talk
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The moment of release is nearly upon us as Fifty Shades of Grey – teased for the last few months with trailers – finally comes out on February 13.

And while the film is sparking conversation, it’s apparently also sparking desire.

Sellers of sex toys are anticipating a surge while Chislehurst-based sex and relationships expert Donna Dawson thinks the film, directed by Croydon-born Goldsmiths graduate Sam Taylor-Johnson, will encourage couples to experiment in the bedroom.

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A psychologist specialising in personality behaviour, Donna, who also studied at Goldsmiths and was This Morning’s ‘sexpert’ for two years, said: “It’s a hook on which anyone who wanted to have a discussion about their sex life and taking it in a different direction has now got a way of getting into that conversation: ‘what do you think of the film? What do you think of what they’re doing? What do you think if we tried that?’

“I actually think this is how the best conversations happen, when you can link it back to something relevant that is happening around you that you can both look at together so it doesn’t become an accusation, ‘you never’ or ‘you always’

“You can kind of tackle the subject sideways in a way that doesn’t hurt anybody’s feelings or make them feel inadequate because they haven’t done such-and-such.”

According to erotic high street retailer Ann Summers, we’re gagging for S&M action between the sheets.

The first trailer for the Fifty Shades of Grey film – based on EL James’ 70-million-selling book – has more than 46 million hits on Youtube and was the most-watched movie trailer of last year, beating the likes of the new Star Wars and the Avengers.

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