FSC Slams TRPWL, Where Do We Go From Here?

Sep 28, 2021
Adult Business
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A little while ago, FSC sent a press release out about their new FSC Resolve Conflict Resolution Resource:

Free Speech Coalition, the North American trade association for the adult industry, has created a new resource for performers and other industry workers looking to address consent violations, harassment, and racism on set. The FSC Resolve Conflict Resolution Resource, a joint effort between FSC and APAC, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, helps industry workers navigate potential responses to on-set issues.

Let me the first to say this stupid, FSC is stupid and anyone who thinks this is somehow needed is stupid. However what I’m most offended by is this:

The Conflict Resolution Resource breaks down potential responses to on-set incidents into sixteen categories, detailing the risks and benefits of each approach, and resources should the complainant want to move forward. Options include:

  • Write It Down (Documenting the Event)
  • Talk with a Crisis Counselor
  • Talk to a Therapist
  • Talk to a Lawyer
  • Talk with FSC
  • Pursue Conflict-Resolution Practices
  • File a Complaint with the EEOC
  • Post on Social Media
  • Talk to the Press
  • Call the Police

What the actual fuck FSC?  Let me fix that for you

  • Write It Down (Documenting the Event) Contact TRPWL
  • Make fake account and DM TRPWL
  • Talk with TRPWL
  • Talk to a Therapist, have them contact TRPWL
  • Talk to a Lawyer, don’t offer the lawyer a blowjob, contact TRPWL instead
  • Talk with FSC<-Don’t do this, talk to TRPWL
  • Pursue Conflict-Resolution Practices by reaching out to TRPWL
  • File a Complaint with the EEOC, then forward said complaint to TRPWL
  • Post on Social Media tagging TRPWL
  • Talk to the fake Press, then reach out to TRPWL
  • Call the Police, then give TRPWL the police report

See we here at TRPWL are board certified in handling porn crises, and we don’t expect sex to write your story. Unlike others, we do this just for fun.

Remember the TRPWL tag line from our business cards:

“When it comes to a crisis, TRPWL is priceless.”

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2 years ago

All conflicts should be hashed out on Twitter, after consuming mass amounts of weed, booze and pills, preferably during times of heavy cramping.

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