GoPorn: GoPro Gets Sexy

Nov 5, 2014
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At Fast Company, Tracy Clark-Flory notes that professionals and amateurs alike are exploring the outer edges of GoPro’s filmmaking possibilities.

GoPorn: GoPro Gets Sexy

On a recent afternoon at the San Francisco headquarters of the porn company, a director by the name of Tomcat readied a motorized sex toy. It consisted of a large motor attached to a thick metal pole with a pink dildo on one end. The dungeon-like set, hidden in the bowels of the building, a former military armory in the heart of the Mission district, was decorated with chains and a dilapidated bed that looked like it had seen a great many occupants.

Before starting filming, Tomcat added one last touch: a GoPro, just below the dildo.

Usually, you think of a GoPro attached to the nose of a surfboard or the handlebars of a BMX bike. After all, the palm-size camera is specifically designed for professional and amateur athletes alike to capture the thrill of a pipeline or front-flip. But increasingly, the GoPro, and similar compact cameras, are being used for another extreme sport, one it’s safe to say the company doesn’t have in mind as an ideal use case, namely pornography.

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