Help Support ‘The Sarkeesian Effect’

Aug 28, 2014
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Help Support 'The Sarkeesian Effect'

Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for The Sarkeesian Effect, Peering Inside the World of Social Justice Warriors

What is The Sarkeesian Effect?
The Sarkeesian Effect is an upcoming documentary film that will explore how gaming and tech culture have been hijacked by Social Justice Warriors as well as look into the background, ethics, and methodology of some the movement’s most prominent voices.  The title is a reference to Anita Sarkeesian, the primary figure in this new shift in gaming culture.  Ms. Sarkeesian’s controversial videos and Kickstarter campaign laid the groundwork for the current atmosphere of politically correct fear, manipulation, and intimidation.  Thus, the title.

What is a Social Justice Warrior?
The term “Social Justice Warrior” (SJW) came about as a pejorative term to refer to a person who berates other internet users over matters of political correctness, but has since evolved to refer to a specific movement within tech and gaming culture that is based around professional victimhood, intimidation, and the proliferation of falsehoods.

Why does this matter?
This isn’t just about video games, though the current state of video game journalism is the most obvious form of this corruption. This is a methodology used throughout both the media and the academic institutions to consolidate power amongst a conspiratorial few, at the expense of not only the culture at large, but even the very followers who they claim to be representing. Recent evidence suggests they have far larger powers of censorship than anyone would suspect; this is what we want to uncover.

Why does this movie need to be made? Don’t you already have popular YouTube channels?
The Social Justice Warriors have come to dominate the discussion to such a degree that the mainstream media will only acknowledge their side of the story.  The official story as reported by mainstream news outlets is that a small group of brave activists (Ms. Sarkeesian outstanding among them) have been targeted with death threats, rape threats, cyberbullying, misogyny, racism,  and other mistreatment for daring speak out against the white-male dominated gaming community.

We intend to shed light on the truth: that the SJWs have been the ones using manipulation and intimidation to push their agenda forward and that the mainstream media has accepted their story uncritically.  Constructive criticism is not harassment.  Pointing out that someone is factually wrong is not misogyny.  Finding fault with a person’s unethical behavior is not stalking.  There are two sides to every story and we intend for the mainstream media to finally acknowledge ours.

You’re both white men- is this some kind of pro-whitey project?
No.  The SJWs have set up a “white straight cis male” bogey man to rally against and we are not here to defend their fictional creation.  We welcome persons of all genders, races, sexual orientations and nationalities to be a part of this project.

Are you guys MRAs?
No.  We are not MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists.) We reject their stance and ideology along with the binary notion that anyone who disagrees with the SJWs is an MRA by default.

Are you guys just doing this to harass Anita Sarkeesian?
No.  Anita Sarkeesian and her campaign of misinformation will be central to our film but everything we do will be safe, professional, and above all, legal.  The lie that Ms. Sarkeesian has perpetuated is that there is no legitimate criticism of her views whatsoever and that anyone who disagrees with her is harassing her.  This, among many other falsehoods, will be debunked in our film.

What are you going to do?
We are going to create a completely professional and insightful feature length documentary film. We intend for there to be a theatrical release, DVD and Blu-Ray, and streaming media such as Netflix.

Your contribution will allow us to finance this project and produce a high quality result comparable to the best current documentary films.

How will you be spending the budget?
Our goal is to make a professional-quality film, and that involves not only ourselves and airfare, but crew, experts and consultants, as well as many other incidental expenses.  This is going to be a challenging film to make, and we will be going up against entrenched interests.  We will be keeping you updated with monthly progress videos, as well as our conversations with you on the forums.


All rewards have a “one-time” and “monthly sustainer” amount.  Please understand that you will have to maintain your monthly contribution throughout the film’s production cycle (estimated to be 5 months) to collect your reward. 

Here’s a simple breakdown (each higher tier includes all of the rewards of the previous tiers).

Note1: following this summary, the reward tiers are not listed in order):
Note 2: Patreon isn’t set up to take one-time donations, so if you if you donate one-time, ensure that you cancel the further payments AFTER the payment goes through (which will be when we achieve our first goal)!  See the Patreon FAQ for details:

Tier 1 – Community

$5 or $1/month
Help support this film, and be part of the creative process on our message board.

Tier 2 – Silver Membership

$10 or $2/month
An enhanced version of Tier 1.

Tier 3 – Digital Movie

$20 or $5/month
Receive a download link for a copy of the movie upon completion.

Tier 4 – Digtial Movie & MP3s

$50 or $15/month
In addition to the digital copy of the film, receive a copy of the soundtrack, composed by Jordan Owen.

Tier 5 – Digital Movie & CD, signed

$75 or $25/month
In addition to the above, receive a signed CD of the soundtrack.

Tier 6 – DVD & CD, signed

$100 or $35/month
Receive signed copies of the CD and the DVD of the film.

Tier 7 – Gold Membership & Thank You

$200 or $65/month
In addition to the above, receive Gold Membership in the forums, and a personalized “Thank You” in the end credits.

Tier 8 – Face picture in Thank Yous

$1000 or $250/month
The above, as well as a picture of yourself in the end credits.

Tier 9 – Attend the Premier+2

$5000 or $1000/month
All of the above, and bring two guests to the premier (details below).

Tier 10 – Vegas Weekend+2

$10,000 or $2000/month
All of the above, and bring two guests to Las Vegas (details below).

Attend the Premiere and After Party in Atlanta, GA.*

You’ll attend the Sarkeesian Effect premiere event in Atlanta, GA which will consist of:
-Film showing at one of Atlanta’s fine cinemas with your choice of priority seating and a walk down the red carpet
-Q&A with Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini
-After party (with paid club admission) to enjoy the best Atlanta nightlife with Owen and Aurini and the best live music Atlanta has to offer.

*Airfare covered for North America, Lodging covered. Other travel expenses not covered.

The Vegas Weekend!*

In addition to attending the premiere, you’ll get to party in Vegas with Owen and Aurini.  This package includes:
-Three nights in Vegas at a luxurious hotel and casino
-Sightseeing around historic Las Vegas, Nevada

*Airfare covered for North America. Food, drinks, and gambling not included.

Help Support 'The Sarkeesian Effect'

Learn more HERE

Jordan Owen is a writer, musician, and blogger.  As a self-identified Left Libertarian he speaks regularly on matters relating to personal liberty, the arts, and various cultural interests.  

His first novel, Eros Empire, was published in 2012 by BearManor Fiction and his band Leaving Babylon released it’s debut in 2014.  He is the creator and operator of  He is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

Davis Aurini was born and raised in Hamilton, Onatrio before moving to Airdrie, Alberta in the late-eighties.  After High cChool he travelled back and forth across the country, spent seven years serving as an infantry soldier in Canada’s military reserve, and studied History at McMaster University.

He currently lives in Calgary and contributes to the Alternative Right blogosphere at  His first novel, As I Walk These Broken Roads, is now available

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