How Have Hookup Apps Like Mixxxer Affected Relationships in the Real World?

Aug 11, 2015
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CYBERSPACE — Mixxxer, the web-based hookup app helping thousands of sexually adventurous singles make a no-strings connection, has changed the shape of the dating landscape with a few taps on a mobile device. But has the convenience of on-demand intimacy changed the trajectory of relationships in the real world?

How Have Hookup Apps Like Mixxxer Affected Relationships in the Real World?

The location-based hookup service, which has enjoyed a steady growth since its launch last year, may be doing too good of a job linking carnally-minded Mixxxer members, as meeting new people is now so effortless that users run the risk of taking it for granted in the age of ADD, sexual or otherwise.

“In the real world, you have to make an effort when you go out, work up the nerve to approach someone you’re interested in and be charming and personable,” said Mixxxer founder Michael Manes. “With Mixxxer, you find lots of people at once and pick a bed partner with little effort, and some might argue that this can create a social disability in regards to future relationships.”

Hooking up easily means it’s also easy to emotionally disconnect and not bother to get to know someone and create real intimacy, “and in this new age of dating and sex, I can understand how this could become an issue,” said Manes.

Can this be too much of a good thing? If finding new partners and hooking up with a touch of a button with Mixxxer is so effective, what does this mean for dating offline?  Manes notes that it’s really less about the technology and more about the nature of the person

“The tools may have changed, but people have not,” said Manes. “While Mixxxer makes it easier to seek out casual sex online, those who want commitment will nurture a relationship the old-fashioned way. It’s human nature to connect and bond with each other, and when people are ready for a quality relationship beyond just sex, they will instinctively make the effort to find it.”

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