Hubby Sentenced To Five Days For Assaulting Wife With Penis

Nov 24, 2012
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A man struck his estranged wife with his penis when she refused him sex.

The 62-year-old offered her $25 for intercourse and, when she refused, he took out his penis and struck her with it, according to the prosecution.

Fred Thomas, from Cushing, Maine, U.S., will spend five days in jail after pleading guilty to the assault.

He will also be on probation for a year for domestic violence assault and indecent conduct.

A third charge of unlawful sexual contact was dismissed.

The incident in July in the town of Warren happened when his wife of 39 years, who was estranged from him, stayed at his home.

Defending, Justin Andrus said Thomas was tremendously upset that his marriage of 39 years was ending.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm, pictured, was told by Thomas’ lawyer: ‘This was not his normal conduct.

He said his estranged wife was planning to go to Pakistan to meet a man she met online.

‘This was not his normal conduct,’ Andrus told Justice Jeffrey Hjelm during the sentencing hearing in Knox County Superior Court.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald asked for Thomas to serve seven days in jail while Andrus asked for just probation and no jail.

Hjelm said a jail term was appropriate in this case.

‘This was sexually aggressive conduct. This couldn’t be much more offensive,’ Hjelm said.

The wife asked that he undergo counseling for anger management, which was ordered.


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9 years ago

Was she lying on the couch and he came up in the middle of the night tappin his pecker on her head or were they sleeping in the same bed and like tappin her butt cheek with it trying to be playful? In any event, if my ex were to ask to spend the night, I’d be like “Ok, pie hole or shit hole, where is my load going? Aint no free rent ho, and I aint makin the mistake of puttin a load in yer cunt again.” And who the fuck meets someone online from Pakistan? Can’t ya find… Read more »

Christina Page
Christina Page
9 years ago
Reply to  crunkleschwitz

You’re disgusting.

9 years ago
Reply to  Christina Page


9 years ago

the guy should get a float in a parade not jail..Slapping a chick in the face with your dick is cool ..Im sure Fonzi dick slapped plenty of chicks no one complained then

7 years ago

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