Inside The Fragile Lives Of Truck Stop Sex Workers

Feb 10, 2016
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“Lot Lizard” is a feature documentary about truck stop sex workers in America. The film follows Jennifer, a recovering sex worker who is trying to get her life back on track; Bobby, a man struggling to come to grips with his girlfriend’s livelihood; and Betty… These intimate portraits hint at a broader story about America, how it deals with its down and out, and how we are implicated as consumers)

— In the world of trucking, things are often not what they seem… Inside a modest home in Ontario, California, the sun is setting on what seems to be—at first glance—a typical picture of domesticity… Up until six weeks ago, Jennifer, the woman in the scene, was having sex with truck drivers for money, then using that money to shoot heroin. Jim, the trucker on the road, isn’t Jennifer’s husband. Jim is her spiritual advisor, and a chaplain at the Trucker Chapel, a converted trailer parked at the local truck stop… She pours over newspaper job advertisements, tension building in her voice. “It’s hard because there are these crappy-ass jobs for $8.00 an hour, or I could work one day a week on the [trucking] lot and make $300 easily. It’s easy to suck anything up for a few hours to make some money” … Ask a truck stop sex worker to tell you about the most outrageous sexual feat she (most of the sex workers we met were women, though there were a handful of men) has performed, and she’ll tell you everything. Ask her if she has any siblings, and she’ll walk away from the interview. From the few stories we were able to record about family life, we learned of the extraordinary abuse and neglect many of the women experienced throughout their childhoods. Jennifer, for instance, was sexually abused by her uncle while growing up in Idaho…

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