Is Astrid Star A Hero? Or a F*cking Idiot-You be The Judge #StolenValor #Section8

Sep 22, 2021
Adult Business
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Astrid Star

I know this has been a long time coming. To be honest, I didn’t feel like even messing with this idiot. I figured going thru life as Astrid Star was punishment enough for her.

It wasn’t until last night, while doing APAG paperwork and prepping for a cam show, that I was fortunate enough to see these tweets. Before I delve into this, I want you to know APAG has launched a full investigation into these allegations and if there’s interview to be done, I’m available. -AE


So Astrid, using her “Navy Training” has deduced that TRPWL is mining IP addresses, using that information to steal Government secrets, then selling these secrets to other Countries????????????

But this actually gets better, a few weeks ago, Astrid and her Suitcase Pimp/Baby Daddy/ Future FBI agent, created a fake Twitter. It started off as them pretending to be someone else, but when you have a drug problem, you forget what you said 3 mins ago, and it wasn’t long before they outed themselves. Keep in mind, I figured out it was them without any Navy Training, I’m just a normal guy, or am I ?- AE

The suitcase pimp and Astrid put their collective heads together, using their expert training, figured out that TRPWL isn’t just one or two people, no, it’s a criminal enterprise. Multiple people have logins, and TRPWL is actually ran by APAG President for life Alana Evans. All those stories about the union and Alana are merely a cover, and until now, no one else has been smart enough to figure it out.

TRPWL, at least according to Astrid and her Pimp, is Alana Evans, Karma RX, Leya Falcon, XXX Star PR, The Minion, Alura Jenson, James Bartholet, Alexandra Mayers and like 6 other people who’ve interacted with me over the past month.

Most of those people are just foot soldiers, The leaders are Alana, TRPWL and Alex Mayers. And we would have gotten away with it, but we made one mistake, a mistake so grave, that one day her and her suitcase pimp will arrest us.

Drats, foiled again. Why would we all call Astrids BF/Hubby/ a Suitcase Pimp if we all weren’t connected?

We have to be the only ones who use that term:

So the term suitcase pimp is so obscure they made a movie about one?  LOL,  and a simple Twitter search reveals it being used by both performers and civilians 1000’s of times.

Hopefully Astrid doesn’t figure out all those accounts are really me, spreading false suitcase pimp stuff to cover my tracks. After all, I’m currently in negotiations with China.

You see, using stolen IPs, I was able to track James Bartholet down to a place called “The Blue Oyster Bar.” They have the best salad bar in town. Using Double Secret Agent RX, we were able to obtain James’s special date drug. In the hands of the Chinese, just a few doses of this drug dispersed over a populated area will render people unconscious, when they wake, it will be too late. They will be Onlyfans famous. China has always had its eyes on forced not forced content trade, and this was the perfect time for me to strike. I’m rich bitch, or am I? -AE

Just when I thought it was safe to sell date rape drugs to the Chinese, I now have to worry about a failed pornstar and her suitcase pimp becoming FBI agents, getting assigned my case,  and arresting me.

Honestly,  I would rather have the Wonder Twins and the Super Friends on my trail, they aren’t ex “navy” geniuses who use wordplay to solve crimes.

Rest assured Astrid, when you and Agent Pimp Star come after us,  me and Mayers will go out like Bonnie and Clyde.

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Astrids pimp
Astrids pimp
2 years ago

she can’t make very much money hooking. I’d be afraid id get HIV. She definitely looks sick in some of her pictures - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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