Is Bobbi Dylan Giving Up Performers Personal Info For Money???

Dec 11, 2016
Adult Business News
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Last night a couple of performers called out C list talent Bobbi Dylan. According to them, Bobbi has been selling/trading performers personal information to fans, from real names to locations. According to one performer, a snap chat fan confirmed Bobbi gave the fan her family’s address and real phone number..Bobbi allegedly took it a step further and told the fan, based on info Bobbi had, that the performer was only “5 mins away from him”. Using the info allegedly obtained from Bobbi Dylan, the fan then reached out to the performer and asked if he “could come pick her up”?

Now, I’m still waiting to talk to the fan in question. To me, this is serious, real names is one thing, that shit can be found relatively easily nowadays, but giving some stranger the real time location of someone is pretty fucked up.

There’s a reason why Bobbi is on her 5th agency in 12 month, hopefully Sandra can knock some sense into her.

More to come…..


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The Ghost of Tom South
The Ghost of Tom South
4 years ago

“C-list” is too generous for this walking turd. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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