Twitter Meltdown: Bobbi Dylan Falsely Claims Mike Mancini Murdered His Cat

Jun 23, 2017
Adult Business News
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Ahhhh yes, Twitter. The place that doesn’t discern if you’re drunk or on drugs. The place where you can random fire 140 characters every 31 seconds making the masses wonder if rehab is your next stop.

Take everyone’s favorite “sex worker” Bobbi Dylan, she has always been good for a few laughs. When she’s not bragging about how “smart” she is, she’s offering up advice to girls who’ve shot more scenes in the last 14 days than Bobbi has shot in 2 years.

Today is the Sgt. Cooper of meltdown days, like some one just touched her badge, she lost it.

In common Bobbi Dylan fashion, she inserts herself into conversations that really have nothing to do with her.

Mike, denied being a cat killer:

Even though the cats owner told her over and over again the cat was fine, Bobbi couldn’t admit she was wrong and the tweets alleging cat murder are still up on Bobbi’s timeline.

Social media rocks

If you’ve ever watched her timeline, Bobbi has claimed to have had as many as 15 jobs, which means she started working at 6 years old.

Below, she says she worked in a call center for 3 years while simultaneously being borderline racist:

Bobbi says Amazon is stealing from her:

HAHA, yes, I’m certain this is true. The billion dollar company made its fortune stealing stuff from Bobbi Dylan.

Bobbi, constantly blames others for her lack of work, now, she’s demanding companies book her for IR:

What you meant to say was, companies hardly film you as it is, so you’re retiring

Here’s good one:


I wonder if Bobbi can pick the lotto for me:

So pornstar/sex worker/call center/ retail employee/coder

Makes you wonder why she needs to use someone else’s platform, since you know, she’s smarter than they are

Damn directors won’t answer her email

But Bobbi doesn’t care, she found the perfect huge penis;

Maybe the biggest penis ever dicked her down so good she lost her mind. No mention of the 13 inch Nick Boner sized penis on her timeline today, but I’m sure it was great.



I feel like every time I comment a thread dies….just another hole spewing whatever knowledge sex work has taught me -eye roll-

People I have worked with and for on here don’t even acknowledge our business relationships before insulting my intelligence and several other performers and cam girls.

Best believe every time I “call someone out” for bad business practices I get a call from a friend of a friend to take it down and they’ll give me free PR…..never even got the PR LOL


I like this one. See, Bobbi is a product of the participation trophy generation. Nothing is ever her fault. She’s been canned by like 5 agents in last 17 months. Every single time, its NOT her fault, its someone else’s.  She throws the “sex worker” term around because that’s all she has left. Porn has pretty much left her behind, like a lot of girls, but, she can’t let it go.  So now, everything bad that happens is because she’s a “sex worker.” The worst part of that angle is, there are actually legit sex workers who get fucked over because they are sex workers.

When you go on Twitter and make up lies about people killing pets you should expect to get shit on.

New Bobbi Dylan Story


Hopefully, no one tells APAC on me..

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3 years ago

This posting left me very conflicted. In the name of truth and justice, I proceeded to Freeones, so I could research the matter. After viewing her stinky winker and spending time on, uh…deliberations, I am leaning towards not guilty. I must say that Menstruation & Social Media is the entertainment combo of the Modern World. Much better than Abbott & Costello, except for when they met Frankenstein. I think I landed on the next crop of porn parodies. How does Abella and Casey Fuck Frankenstein sound? Abella and Casey Fuck the Mummy? Abella and Casey Fuck the Invisible Man might… Read more »

3 years ago

^WHAT HE SAID …LOL - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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