Ladies Annnnnd Gentleman, YOUR APAC VP…Lasha Lane #Bully

Dec 21, 2020
Adult Business
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Color me surprised, like no one saw this coming. Well I did, but I’m just a MAYO blogger who plays WOW and eats HotPockets in his mom’s basement.

I’m not going to put a lot of text to this, but here’s the VP of the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee.

Now I’ve had my issues with Ana, and they all centered around Lasha, and her lack of action when it comes to Lasha and the drama she creates.

Ana’s problem is she’s too NICE. The fact that Lasha talks like this to Ana boggles my mind. Forget all of Lasha’s scams and her connection to the criminals at BIPOC, this alone in my book is reason enough to send her packing.

Even worse, pieces of shit like APAC board member Tim Woodman just sit back and watch this hit happen. The first person to come to her defense should have been other members of APAC, instead it was Alana Evans, from what some would consider a rival organization.

In the last 3 months, it’s been revealed that Lasha has been convicted of financial crimes, used APAC resources and letterhead to solicit money on behalf of another criminal, Sinnamon Love, she’s openly used racist comments on social media to describe white people she doesn’t like, tried to let AHF into porn STD testing,  attacked multiple performers for disagreeing with her, shot content withOUT a valid covid test,  and now threatened one of the nicest people in porn Ana Foxxx Keep in mind this is the same person who refused to kick her out even after all the above was brought to light.

I can’t imagine very many performers would wanna be involved with APAC at this point.

There’s more to this story, and of course ole Mayo will follow up.


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2 years ago

Lasha lane is a terrible human being in every sense. I can’t wrap my head around how she wound up on the APAC board to begin with. had to be a very low voter turnout

Trump Won, Stop The Steal
Trump Won, Stop The Steal
2 years ago

Lasha hates Ana for her youth and good looks. APAC must kick her out today. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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