List of Performers Pulling out of the XBIZ thing #X3show #FluRona updated

Jan 5, 2022
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I left Adam Christopher “Hot Pockets” Tarantino off the list, because no one really cares.

With the uptick in Covid and all the other “variants, including the newly discovered “FluRona”, one has to wonder if XBIZ trying to “One Up” AVN with X3 is really worth it. Especially in a business with so much personal contact. But what do I know, I don’t pee in cups, didn’t go to “Harvard” and I don’t hang out with Colin “DUI” Rowntree.  I reckon with 95% accuracy people will pop for Covid and Gonorrhea after this event.

Adira Allure

Andi Rose

Audrey Madison

Cecilia Lion

Electra Rayne

Gia Paige

Indica Flower

Jane Wilde

Jazmin Luv

Jessica Ryan

Kaiia Eve

Kate Dee

Lauren Pixie

Leah Gotti

Leda Lotharia

Maddy O’Reilly

Romi Chase

Siri Dahl

Sofia Rose

Xander Corvus

There’s more names who won’t be attending but they haven’t announced it publicly. I’ve even heard from my neighbors cousins best friends favorite barista that there’s an agency who has nearly half their talent out with Covid currently.

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13 days ago

The Irony here is, if you were to go back through the timelines of Xbiz reporters, they were all about staying in, avoid contact. But they are also huge fanbois, so they wont miss an opportunity to cozy up to some porn talent, and if all goes right, get their dicks wet.

Porn myst (MAGA)
13 days ago

I thought everyone was vaxxed?

10 days ago

I had the Covid last week. Worst day and a half of this stupid pandemic. No vax, no booster, no ivermectin, no snake oil, not even advil for the barely there fever. I overcame the scourge of our day with superior genetics, coffee and Camel cigarettes. Gotta smoke Camels to get the smooth, medicinal properties of their fine Turkish tobacco, otherwise, the bat flu wins. I coulda beat it in under a day, but i didnt have any meth. The burn of meth in my sinuses would have kept the Chinese bio weapon from taking hold. At the very least… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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