Say What??–TTS Told XBIZ Current COVID-19 Test Results ‘Not Affecting Production’ #AHF #HIV

Jul 15, 2020
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Someone isn’t telling the truth.  FSC says at least a dozen performers have tested positive for Covid, and Sixto “Fuck PASS” Pacheco says it’s “Not Affecting Production”

Now, I’m not as smart as G’d up Helmy and his minions, but here’s how I see it:

Brazzers wants to shoot James Bartholet as part of it’s new ‘Creepy Old Fucks Still In Porn’ series.  They reach out to James thru his agency slash drug dealer who says, James has been stricken with the Rona and isn’t available right now. Does that affect production? I’m gonna have to say yes.

Now we know serial bully Lotus Lane is most likely lying about the Covid terrorizing the talent pool, but, there are girls with the Rona, they can’t shoot, and it does affect production.

The scariest part of the whole Xbiz “We Love Sixto’ piece is this:

Asked if at this time — Wednesday, July 15, around 12 p.m. (PDT) — there was a reason to call a production halt due to COVID-19 results, Pacheco stated that “at this time we don’t merit that”.

Sixto has weaseled his way into being able to call a moratorium, like officially, and XBIZ is propping him up.

Years ago, FSC and APAC, got into a pissing match about who can call a moratorium. Ela and EPL went back and forth, issuing dueling press releases and fighting with each other.

Now, we have Sixto throwing his hat into the “I can call for a shutdown” ring.  I’m sure this wont end well.

Remember when TTS teamed up with AHF?

How about the time TTS hid a positive HIV test from FSC for at least 18 hours?

That was confirmed OTR, in TEXT so its not debatable…

Yea, and this is the guy with the power.

Good luck with that.

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Jeff S
Jeff S
1 year ago

Over the years every blog has called out XBIZ for something or other, but you’re the only one who does it with any validity. I read the one sided TTS article, it read more like a Press Release

1 year ago

FSC needs a good leader, I don’t think mish mish can lead FSC into battle with Six God.

1 year ago

Didn’t Sixto and Shy Love used to be a thing? Did Gustavo just run what he was told? no vetting? Weird way to run a a paper - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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