Lydia Dupra Resigns From APAC, But Scumbag Ginger Banks Remains #notmyadvocate

Aug 16, 2018
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Lydia Dupra has resigned from APAC as the Director Of Outreach after a video surfaced of her criticizing a fellow sex worker. The video in question is still up but has been edited several times. The video however is pale in comparison to the outlandish things Ginger Banks has been saying.

Ginger’s antics have been brought to the attention of APAC several times, and APAC seems to not care. When I asked APAC about it they told me they would “look into it.”  That was over a week ago.

There is even a meme and hashtag going around about Ginger.  #notmyadvocate

Imagine how much of a shit head you’d have to be for a performer to start a hashtag trying to remove you?

The Real Reason APAC Chair Ginger Banks Refused To Speak Out About Alleged Abuse On Set

APAC Chair Ginger Banks Bullying And Shaming On Cam

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Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders
4 years ago

I don’t like that Ginger Banks one bit. Everything that comes out of her mouth is hogwash. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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