Making Friends With Cal/OSHA & LAPD: Your Union Hard At Work #APAG #IEAU

Apr 2, 2018
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Phyllisha Anne

I’ve been around for 7 years now.. In those 7 years I’ve feuded with several people who don’t pull permits for shoots, and no matter how much I dislike that person at the time, I would never ever report them to ANYONE… Not only do you fuck up the location, but you put people who aren’t part of your conflict in a bad situation, you cost them money, and in some cases make them a witness to the violation.

I guess the scam Union has decided to put their own interests ahead of the performers..

Not once, not twice, but three separate times someone on the Union board has gotten wind of a location and reported them to both Cal/OSHA, and either LA County Sheriffs or LAPD..

Joining forces with OSHA isn’t a new thing for the Union. They did so during the condom fight as well

They are also reporting companies whose content they dont care for. While I get there are a few companies who shoot questionable things, Its not up to the fake union to decide what’s ok and what isn’t..

Luckily members of the scam union are slowly starting to see what the real deal is. And when that happens guess who they turn too?  Guess, I’ll give you 3 guesses and the first 3 dont count.

Good to see the scam union taking money from performers then crossing them out with orchestrated attacks on members of the adult community they are at odds with…

When it’s time, I will post arguably the greatest long con of this sites existence.



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Brian McNights Son
Brian McNights Son
4 years ago

Not surprised at all. Alana has tweeted performers personal info and threatened people with osha in the past. She’s a lying attention seeking skank

4 years ago

Anything Alana has her hand in is worthless. Her suitcase pimp husband probably gets part of any money collected on the unions behalf - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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