Meet Con Man & Fake Millionaire Gabriel Bender Cain-Part1 Updated

Dec 29, 2016
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Before I get into the details, I just want to say, I told everyone this guy was a fraud..As usual, people wanna learn the hard way


About 8 months ago, my buddy Bosco started talking about this guy Bender Cain who ran this site Explicit List..He asked me a few times to talk to the guy, maybe give him some pointers on the blogging game..Finally, we talked, at about the minute mark,  I realized this guy was completely full of shit.

Bender The Millionaire

While talking with Bender, every 2 mins he’d talk about how much money he had, how he owned all these strip clubs, how his business partner was a high powered Google attorney and he was connected to the porn elite..I found that odd since I had never heard of him, not that I’m someone, but I do know a few people.. In between all this, Bender kept asking me how to make money at blogging and when did I start turning a profit? I found this really odd since he claims to be a millionaire.  I kept explaining to him over and over that there wasn’t any money in it. That the reason I’m were I am at is because I write the shit others are afraid to write..I also told him not to go down that road as the reward is nothing but headaches.

It was after this phone call that I told my buddy Bender was full of shit..

A few weeks later, I posted on LinkedIn that i needed someone to review dvds for a small fee..Bender was the first to respond to that post?  Again, why does a super rich well connected guy need to get some change from TRPWL.

Later, Kelli Roberts began talking shit about Bender, He asked us for her address to have a cease and desist sent to her. The next day he claimed to not only of had a cease and desist letter hand delivered, but also claimed to have had his team of PI’s take a picture of her..His cease letter said something to the effect that if she spoke of him she was fucked..Of course within 24 hours of this happening, Kelli was still writing about him. Now, that type of shit doesn’t work with me, but Kelli is a coward, if Benders PI’s actually went up to her she would shit out a Miata.  But yet she had not a care in the world and keep talking shit about him..We even kept asking him for the picture so we could defend him, he kept refusing.. Almost as if, he was lying…LOL

At that point, when the name Bender was brought up, I would call him names. I was certain he was not what he claimed to be. Since he hadn’t really hurt anyone he really wasn’t a concern of mine..

It wasn’t until Bender the Millionaire conned X-Critic reviewer Don Juan DeMarko into buying him a plane ticket to LA that I started watching again..Turns out on that very same trip, Millionaire strip club owner Gabriel Bender Cain allegedly stole $2500 bucks from the people he was staying with. In the 3 days he was staying with his hosts, millionaire strip club owner Gabriel Bender Cain never once offered to pay for anything. Also, Millionaire Strip club owner Gabriel Bender Cain had some wisdom tooth issues but couldn’t afford to go to the dentist.. Now, im not a millionaire, and I’ve never owned a strip club, but even I have a dental plan..

After the money was discovered missing, bender was told to get his stuff together, at some point, a person connected to the stolen money had a couple people meet them at a local gas station, it was then that Millionaire Strip Club Owner Gabriel Bender Cain allegedly got beat up.. That beat down prompted these tweets:

Outside of the fact he spelled Heart wrong, people that have major “hart’ attacks dont get out of the hospital on the same day..

It wasn’t long before news of Millionaire Strip Club Owner Gabriel Bender Cain being completely full of shit got out..So what happened next?


Enter Dan Daily aka Millionaire Strip Club Owner Gabriel Bender Cain

Yes, Dan Daily, the English gent who also was in the strip club business is now running Explicit list, well Dan Daily and Erika Icon, the same person that Millionaire Strip Club Owner Gabriel Bender Cain couldn’t stop trashing in a phone call to me several months prior.

Looks like English Gent Dan Daily wants to clean house:


Why in the world would English Gent Dan Daily wanna get rid of the guy who bought Millionaire Strip Club Owner Gabriel Bender Cain’s plane ticket to LA?

Millionaire Strip Club Owner Gabriel Bender Cain has some things from his past that might lead one to believe that he isn’t really Millionaire Strip Club Owner, he’s just Gabriel Bender Cain:



Now, I’m the last guy to be calling people out for going to jail, Ive seen my share of jail cells, but, I’ve also never claimed to be a Millionaire Strip Club Owner named Gabriel Bender Cain. I certainly have never tried to get anyone to invest in anything I’m doing, and I’ve never been accused of stealing from people who where gracious enough to allow me to stay in their home..

Who know, maybe Millionaire Strip Club Owner Gabriel Bender Cain was framed all 7 or 8 or 13 times he was arrested. I’d bet the below mugshots are why Millionaire Strip Club Owner Gabriel Bender Cain goes by just Bender Cain..


I’m sure there will be people who are like, Sean, why are you blasting Millionaire Strip Club Owner Gabriel Bender Cain, all he did was allegedly steal money from a pornstar?  Well, I offered him a way out:

Oh shit, not another person with a lawyer…


Part 2 coming soon

UPDATED: After this post went up Erika Icon assured me she should no longer be helping run Explicit List

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