Mike South Raising The Bar On Talent????

Apr 17, 2014
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I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record with this Mike South shit, but chalk it up to me having kept my mouth shut over the last 24 months…

Mike South, the lawgiver raising the bar on porn talent?

Mike South, the backwoods lawgiver, preaches about attractiveness

Mike South’s constant use of the word ‘we’ makes me throw up in my mouth. South still doesn’t get it. He’s not we, I’m not we, the only one of us who can come remotely close to we is (or was) Rob Black…

Today, South is screaming about raising the bar on talent:

Every single day I get email notifications from agencies advertising some new girl they just added to the roster.

A good number of these girls are at best average and at worse, well unshootable. Im not saying that they have no business in porn, there’s an ass for every seat and I am sure some guy would think that she is the cats meow but right now a quick look through the Industry modeling sites and it becomes very apparent that there is no way you can keep this many girls working regularly enough to make a living.

So why add average girls to the roster?

Maybe we should return to the days when there was actually a “star” system in the biz, particularly for mass market DVD shoots, I mean shouldn’t Porn Valley be the cream of the crop in terms of talent? leave average for the Internet?

It has long been suggested that we should drug test talent….that would certainly go a long way towards weeding out performers who probably shouldn’t be doing this anyway…

But the problem with that whole raising the bar thing means a LOT of people make a lot less money. Many of the business surrounding Porn Valley depend on a glut of performers…..I mean where would CET be if there were only 100 active performers? TTS would be fine they are nationwide but CET would fold.

And what about all the “talent agencies” not just LATATA but all of them….that would leave an awful lot of them in trouble. As it is they are turning to escorting to make ends meet, even agencies that once would fire girls for being escorts are now doing it.

I am not sure that there is an answer but I am sure that there is a problem and that problem is looming to bite us in the ass in ways that we dont yet even know about. That means we better start searching for an answer.

Mike South, the guy who has to pay chicks to blow him is saying the females in porn valley aren’t attractive. Mike South, the guy who hires untested talent off Craigslist for 200 bucks a pop says porn valley needs to raise the bar on its talent. Mike South says he’s part of the WE, but nonetheless refuses to follow his ‘we’ advice. Someone punch me in the face.

At this point I’m gonna go Monica Foster and say Nick East killed Mike South and is now running his site. No sane person would post this shit.

Hey Mike, if you wanna raise the bar on porn production stop shooting.


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Mike South Raising The Bar On Talent???? | The Rob Black Website
9 years ago

[…] Mike South Raising The Bar On Talent???? […]

Fake Gene Ross
Fake Gene Ross
9 years ago

I knew you would find good use for the photo of Mike South, from our last dress up soiree. His nails and phallus were done by Paco, his anus done by Ping. I have been trying to invest in a Dominican, so we can have Taste The Rainbow parties, but I noticed in the sports pages that Dominican pricing has reached outrageous levels. I may wind up settling for a Blackzilian, because Haitians have a history of turning on their benefactors. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a young Haitian boy, have him crated and shipped to… Read more »

Alexandra Mayers
Alexandra Mayers
9 years ago

My huge vagina looks like a Nestle Crunch bar.

Alexandra Mayers
Alexandra Mayers
9 years ago

Happy 125th Birthday to my dream man, Adolf Hitler.

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