Mormons declare war on masturbation in creepy new VIDEO

Feb 3, 2014
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A recently released video by Brigham Young University–Idaho compares masturbators to wounded soldiers, and encourages students to identify to religious officials [a.k.a. narc on] friends they think are masturbating.

The awkward and creepy video, “Wounded On The Battlefield,” compares reporting a friend to religious authorities for masturbating  to rescuing a wounded soldier in a time of war.

In the video,  BYU-Idaho President Kim B. Clark reminds students  to reach out to roommates in need: “If you need to, talk to your bishop, tell someone who can do something that you have a friend in trouble.”

Masturbation is the enemy, and the good Mormon must be vigilant:

“The temptations of the great war are many, the battles are real, and the enemy is clever. The enemy is cruel, ruthless, and relentless. We must not underestimate the danger. We must be vigilant and valiant…”


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Mormons declare war on masturbation in creepy new VIDEO | AdultWikiMedia
9 years ago

[…] Mormons declare war on masturbation in creepy new VIDEO […]

Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
9 years ago

Perhaps they’re afraid of the younger folks messing up their magic underwear.

Deep Throat
9 years ago
Reply to  Ernest Greene

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