Mr Marcus Screams VOTE NO on MEASURE B

Oct 13, 2012
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Yesterday a news site in LA posted posted a story about Mr Marcus taking 2500 bucks from the Vote No On Measure B group.. At first glance the article seems to imply some sort of extortion or blackmail effort to keep quiet by Mr Marcus. I’ve gotten a few emails saying as much. But what y’all need to do is read between the lines.

First, I talk to Marcus all the time , the AHF meeting and offer is no secret. In fact it’s about a month old. When AHF approached Mr Marcus it wasn’t just to meet and talk cooking… I don’t give a shyt what they say. Look at this from a PR standpoint. AHF needs weapons in their effort to shut down straight porn. Currently they have Derrick Burt’s , gay escort who caught HIV in florida, and Darren James, a guy who contracted HIV in 2004 and in most peoples opinions wasn’t even in the USA when he got it..

So all of the sudden right before the Vote Yes campaign Mr Marcus makes NATIONAL news by being part of a Syphlis scare and porn shutdown. So who would you want on your team, a relevant HOF porn talent or 2 guys who NO one really knows with very questionable circumstances surrounding their testimony ??? So when AHF says they didn’t offer or hint at money they are either lying or stupid or IMO both….

So here’s Mr Marcus, a family guy who’s made a living in the adult industry for about 15 years and all of the sudden in one fucked up moment has changed the way everyone looked at him.. His so called friends turn their backs on him, all of us are taking shots at him, fans are harassing all the girls that ever shot with him and they in turn attack Marcus.. He’s basically shunned by the job he’s dedicated the last 15 years to.

What does he do? He takes 2500 from the pro porn side after consulting with them about the AHF meeting . Burt’s and James get that much if not more every-time they get trotted out to talk bad about porn. Marcus turns down 3-4 times as much so he can stand with his workforce .. I gotta ask, how many of you would turn down 7500 in a time when you have no work and mouths to feed??

How far does 2500 go in LA by the way ? How many of you have done your part to fight measure B? Marcus asks me once a week what he can do to help? And I’m sure some of you still haven’t figured it out yet , but by NOT selling his soul to AHF he’s done more then 90% of y’all. Not to mention he delivered intel to VOTE No to justify his payment. Know I didn’t ask Marcus what AHF was up to.. Not sure if they even told him the truth. I’m pretty sure based on AHFs throw money at some one till they cave mentatality they never in a million years thought Mr Marcus would tell them NO so they may have shared things FSC might not have known at the time.

Bottom line, Marcus made a mistake, and is still paying for it, but while he’s on the sidelines his head is still in the game. Y’all questioned what he cared about during the shutdown? It’s pretty obvious based on the last 45 days he’s one of the few that truly cares about the direction of the adult industry

Some of you will find this posting offensive. I really don’t give a shyt. If half of you took this a serious as Marcus then VOTE NO would have no worries… But y’all just keep pimping your gold shows and sushi.


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11 years ago

Great post Sean!

11 years ago

It is great that Mr. Marcus is on the side of the angels with this one but I still wouldn’t hire him to even mop up the cum after a 100 man bukkake scene. Altering a test result should get you kicked out of porn for life. I also am suspect that that Mr. Marcus is doing anything more than he has to in order to get back in the good graces of Manwin and the industry as a whole. Part of this may also be a payoff for throwing Talent Testing under a very large bus a couple of… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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