Nun tells students: ‘Don’t masturbate, it’ll turn you gay’

Apr 2, 2014
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Sister Jane Dominic Laurel believes porn and absent fathers turn boys gay, and that gay men normally have 500 to 1000 sexual partners


A nun has caused outrage after telling students to not masturbate or it will turn them gay.

Sister Jane Dominic Laurel, a Dominican nun from Nashville, told Charlotte Catholic High School in North Carolina about her theories on homosexuality.

Among her other ‘theories’, she believes absentee fathers and watching porn turn little boys gay.

‘She gave an example of one of her gay “friends” who said he used to go to a shed with his friends and watch porn and that’s why he was gay,’ one student told qnotes.

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[…] Post Nun tells students: ‘Don’t masturbate, it’ll turn you gay’ appeared first on […]

Nun tells students: ‘Don’t masturbate, it’ll turn you gay’ | The Rob Black Website
9 years ago

[…] Nun tells students: ‘Don’t masturbate, it’ll turn you gay’ […]

Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
9 years ago

Always good for a laugh when celibate people give advice concerning sex.

Would you trust a mechanic who couldn’t drive?

Anthony Kennerson
Anthony Kennerson
9 years ago

Has anyone ever told this woman that 90% of all men masturbate? (Not counting the other 10% who lie about not masturbating, of course.) So..why aren’t 90% of all men gay??

For that matter, why aren’t 90% of men who view porn gay? You mean, jerking it to pics of hot women will make you gay?? Seriously??

Some people….#smh - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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