Online Pleasure Product Retailer Releases Top 10 Sex Toys Sold on Mother’s Day

May 14, 2015
Press Release
1 0, one of the largest online retailers of Sex Toys since 2003 held a Mother’s Day sale starting last week and ending Sunday at Midnight.

“Mother’s Day is not just about kids appreciating their mothers, but also husbands and spouses that appreciate their partner’s dedication to parenthood,” said Nick Mahler, CEO of “We held a 15% off sale on everything site-wide which includes close to 14,000 products and tracked the purchases by using the discount code “MOTHERSDAY”. When we looked at our sales, and the top ten selling products, we were pretty surprised, even shocked when we found out what our top ten sellers were.”

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts according to Pleasure Product Giant, Dallas Novelty.

10.  Eiffel Tower Dildo – We all know the economy has been rough on all parts of the country so this mother’s day it may have been difficult to find a sitter and spend a week in Paris France so what is the next best thing. A monumental dildo shaped like the Eiffel Tower. The most phallic of monuments has at long last been molded into an ergonomic and hypoallergenic wonder. La Tour est Folle Tour is a sex toy like no other! A one-of-a-kind object that combines eroticism, a souvenir of Paris and design. Peaking at just over 10 inches, you get 5.75 inches of insertable length with a max girth of 1.25 inches at the ball tip. The base of this awesome tower is 4 inch by 4 inches and is very stable.

9. Heeldo Strap-on Foot Dildo – Marriages can be difficult especially after years and years of doing the same positions and not having time to hit the gym. Solution? This innovative strap-on harness is much more versatile than your standard strap-on. The harness slides on your foot like a sock, allowing any flared base dildo or butt plug to protrude out of the back of the harness, where your heel is. You can then sit, squat, and bounce on your favorite harness-friendly dildo. Heeldo works in two positions, the rear-heel position and the bottom-heel position, making it incredibly versatile for solo and couple play.

8. Ponytail Butt Plug – Butt Plugs have always been a big seller for us but Crystal Delights bring us a unique twist on butt plugs. The smooth plug tip eases insertion for unmatched comfort in anal play with a slender stem leading to a flared base, ensuring the plug is safe and enjoyable; while the colorful pony tail adds visual enticement to any role-playing scenario. The Crystal Minx Detachable Pony Tail is also the first of our line of toys to implement the Crystal Delights’ new innovative detachable systems. They have the exact same look and feel, but with an added convenience; instead of being permanently attached to the plug, our pony tails screw on and off! We’ve made it easier than ever to accessorize your sexual experience. Mix and match as much as you want by simply unscrewing the pony tail and replacing it with another (just be careful not to screw it on too tightly).

7. Boink N’ Oink Bacon Flavored Lubricant – Mmm, that’s right, bacon. Every couple needs lube and what American man wants lube that tastes like crap? Leading lubricant manufacturer Wet Labs ensure you will get Hog Wild in bed with Bacon Flavored lube. You get the Delicious Bacon Flavor & Scent with all of the benefits of our now paraben-free Wet® Original®, Wet® Boink N’ Oink Bacon Flavored Lubricant taste like sweet, sizzlin’ bacon with no bitter aftertaste.  This silky smooth, sugar-free, colorless, non-staining, and latex friendly formula is sure to have the bacon lover in your life squealing with pleasure.  Yes, it’s even Kosher!

6. Sportsheets Sexperiments Bling & Sting Kit – With the 50 Shades Phenom, most couples have started experimenting in the bedroom with BDSM and Fetish products. Enter Sportsheets International, the largest BDSM Toy company in the world. The gift boxed kit enables couples to create your own adventurous fantasy by slipping on the very soft and sturdy blindfold adorned with cubic zirconia crystals on each side. Blindfold on, lights out and your senses become enhanced. These soft, padded and comfortable cuffs come with a beautiful buckle lined with cubic zirconia crystals. Put on a pair of these fashionable and effective cuffs and you’re ready to begin. The Spreader Bar and Chrystal Whip add more excitement to your fantasy. The glass Kegal Balls add another dimension to your fantasy fun and allows your inner goddess be your guide.

5. Master Series Stainless Steel Nipple Vice – Forget clamps, it’s all about comfort and comfort means a Vice meant just for your nipples. This may be for the husband on Mother’s Day to wear while serving breakfast in bed.

4. Sportsheets Sexperiments Thrillogy Kit – Put yourself in the mood with this collection consisting of The Grey Tie – the sexiest restraint you’ll ever wear to dinner, Masquerade Mask – a mask often reveals the true self and a set of Metal Handcuffs (with keys) – for when a grey tie just won’t do. Perfect for Travel or that weekend getaway. As she puts on the mask, you jump into the mind of Mr. Grey.

3. Sportsheets Bondage Bed Sheet Restraint Kit King Size – It appears that Bondage and BDSM has dominated the Mother’s Day rush. For 15 years, the original Sportsheet Bondage Bedsheet has revolutionized bedroom bondage play. A fitted, velvet-like Velcro-compatible bedcover with 4 easy to place anchor pads. Attach any of the 4 Sports Cuffs to an arm or leg which quickly attach to an anchor pad on the bedsheet. Change your bedroom into a bondage fantasy playground.

2. LELO Elise 2 Rechargeable Vibrator – For when you are away on your business trips or at work, mom can always use a little release. The LELO ELISE 2 eclipses even its bestselling predecessor, a classic Pleasure Object with deeply powerful vibrations. With 100% stronger stimulation than before, ELISE 2 now features eight modes to enhance the pleasures of its full-bodied form, with two powerful motors in its base and tip. Meanwhile the seamless silicone shell is fully waterproof, ensuring you can enjoy sensations in the bath, shower, or anywhere you please.

1. Sex In The Shower Dual Locking Handle – In California, one of the most populated states in the country we are experiencing a record drought. One solution for rationing water? Taking a shower with your wife. However, Shower Sex can lead to danger if you don’t have the proper tools. To avoid slipping, you need the Dual Locking Suction Handle. It lets you have wet and wild sex while helping you keep your balance, no matter what position you’re in. The Dual Locking Handle gives you a firm hold, no matter how the action heats up. It has 2 strong lockdown suction cups that really grip the walls of the shower, tub, glass, tiles (at least 4″ across) or most other flat, smooth surfaces. You’ll get more stability for positions like standing doggy, standing missionary and oral sex.

All of these products are in stock and still on sale on



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