Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon Accused Of Trying To Smuggle Man From Canada To U.S.

Aug 18, 2012
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Colleen Shannon, who rose to fame in 2004 as the Playboy Playmate for the magazine’s 50th anniversary issue, has just posed for another photo that may be seen by almost as many people.

It’s a mug shot taken at the Clinton County Jail in upstate New York.

Shannon, 34, was arrested Thursday night after authorities accused her of trying to smuggle an unidentified male into the U.S. through the Canadian border, according to

She was booked for violating a federal statute prohibiting “bringing in and harboring aliens.”

The former Playmate now brands herself as “the world’s sexiest DJ,”and works all over the world spinning records at clubs.

The identity of the man in the smuggling charge hasn’t been confirmed. Amy Tang, who books club gigs in Canada for Shannon, told The Huffington Post that Shannon does have a Canadian boyfriend. Tang said she had heard that Shannon had already been released from jail, but hasn’t been in contact with her since hearing about the arrest.

If convicted, Shannon faces up to 10 years in prison.

Can she handle that? Possibly, according to the personality profile she did for Playboy in 2004 that was conveniently rediscovered by

The Alaskan native is turned on by positivity and supportiveness and turned off by negativity and a bad kiss.

More relevant is her philosophy of life.

“Everyone is put here to do something,” Shannon said. “Your subconscious tells you the things that you love to do, but a lot of people put those things aside. I think if you stick to things you love, nine times out of 10, circumstances are going to go your way and you will live a happy life.”


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