Politically Incorrect With Missy Martinez

Aug 13, 2015
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Years ago Missy Martinez blocked me on twitter, no one knows why it happened it just did..Bothered by this, I pretended to be Jewish Jehovah’s Witness by the name of P. Buttersnaps Goldstein and knocked on her door, once I was allowed in I tricked her into not only unblocking me, but to answer some questions while cooking me an authentic non kosher Mexican food dinner..


For the those who may not know you, how long have you been in the adult industry?
6 years. Haven’t prolapsed yet

Roughly how many scenes have you shot?
With or without the ones shot in my uncles basement? Without those, it’s been around 200 or so.

What were some of the really low points of the adult industry as well as some high points for you personally?
I spend $10k a year on douches a year which is a low point. The high points have been getting my own showcase movie from adult empire and being molded for Doc Johnson

( the math on that is Summers Eve Douche at 4.98. 10,000 bucks divided by 4.98 is a 2008 douches times 6 years = Missy douching 12,048 times)  That’s one clean vagina

Your social media interactions are some of the best. Outside for your vagina resembling Jon Benet Ramsey’s tweet, what are some of your most memorable tweets?
My tweets are like snowflakes, they are all special. I’m a fan of my shit talking about celebrities.

When I feel like arguing with people I insult NASCAR. Do you have a got to shit starter for the boring days?
9-11 was an inside job works EVERY TIME

Im a big fan of settling twitter beef with some fisticuffs. If you could match make a Porn Beef pay per-view  what would the fight card look like?  who would be the main event?

There has been a bunch of notable industry Twitter fights this year. The fight card would be screen caps I took before the 2 parties could delete the tweets, then I’d sit ring side in a fur coat.

How much of the fight proceeds would skim before you donated it to charity?
I’m my favorite charity.


If you could only own one dvd, (not porn) what would it be?
The original Old Boy. Timeless love story.

So I heard soon you will be able to buy Missy Martinez’s vagina. Can you explain the business behind that and why you decided to do it?
It’s been a career goal for me. Plus my holes look like they’ve never been used. I felt morally obligated to share my orifices.

You once got “blasted in a freak sex toy accident” Can you tell the millions and millions of the people that will read this what happened?
Ah yes. My hitachi wire was frayed, I plugged it in and by sheer luck I turned it on before putting it down by my bathing suit area. There was a spark and flame. My vaginas life flashed before my eyes.

Awhile back you were with Shy Love and ATMLA, how was life with Shy as your agent?
Shy really guided me in the industry. I had no idea how the industry worked. She gave me some damn good advice that I took with me.

Remember that time you blocked TRPWL?  why did you do that?
I don’t even remember the reason why. I think I was given misinformation about what it was or some shit. I humbly ask for forgiveness.

If you could work on a Presidential campaign whose would it be and why?

Dan Bilzerian because of drugs.

On a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the best, Were would you rate Obama’s job performance over the last 6.5 years?

No president is going to ever be a 10. I’d have to give him 8 inches.

Do you think Obama has created more racial divide or brought people closer together?
Closer together definitely. Him being elected I feel really made people examine how silly most people’s views are on other races. We are all the same on the inside. Get it together people.

With all the talk about racism do you perceive the Confederate flag as racist? or just a talking point for those needing votes?

If you can hang it from the back of a truck, chances are it’s racist.

Being a Latina, does Jeb Bush being able to speak Spanish carry any weight in the Latin community in your opinion?

I dont speak Spanish, thanks for rubbing it in

After the Planned Parenthood baby organ selling scandal, do you think congress should of defunded them?

No. They provide a necessary service. I would prefer they use the remains for science over throwing it down a garbage disposal.

A great mind once said “Gingers have no soul”  do you think that’s an accurate statement ?

I’ve worked with a few and came out unscathed.

What are your thoughts on AHF trying force condoms on the adult industry?

I’m all for condoms in the industry as PERFORMERS CHOICE. We are consenting adults. Instead of condoms I usually use a snickers wrapper.

Lets Take A Quick Break For Advice From Dr. Jade

“You cant get pregnant in the butt unless you shit your anus semen directly down my birthing channel like a fucking grownup” Katrina Jade

Were you aware that Katrina is almost finished with medical school?

I wasn’t aware of that. I love her even more.

When it comes time to pass the politically incorrect tweeting to a youngster who do you think it will be?

I have high hopes for North West. No way that kid is going to be normal

Whats next for Missy Martinez?

Dead within a year

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