Porn Star Jenna Sativa Backs Bernie Sanders: The TRPWL Interview (NSFW)

Aug 9, 2015
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When I send questions to porn girls I normally try and stay away from politics. The most in-depth I get is the condom questions. When I heard Jenna might be willing to answer a few I called in the most politically astute Jew I knew.. When he didn’t answer I called Jaameee Profit.  I told Jamie’ I’d landed an interview with Jenna, and needed some really in depth politically-charged questions that would change the world.  Shortly thereafter he emailed these 2 questions, Do you wake up every day hoping Christian Slater will  agree to make Cuffs 2? and Who Do you think would win a fight bewteen Knight Rider and Superman? It was at this point I knew I would have to proceed on my own..



You speak three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. What is the next language you want to learn?
I would like to learn American Sign Language.

Obviously language arts is one of your strong points. Did you have a favorite subject in school? Least favorite?
My favorite subject in school was science. I didn’t have a least favorite until college accounting.

When you were looking for an agent what made you choose Spiegs? Did you meet with any other agents?
I spoke to a few other people, but I’ve always heard great things about Spiegler. So when I had the opportunity to meet with him I was very excited.

Can you tell everyone the story on how you got signed?
I was in the market for representation and a photographer friend of mine introduced me to Adella. After meeting her, she introduced me to Mark who invited me over to talk. I wasn’t expecting him to represent me because although he represents elite talent he had never represented a GG only performer. When I showed up to meet Mark, he was with Asa Akira and Dana DeArmond. Which only heightened my desire to want to be a Spiegler girl. Mark and the girls interviewed me and we shared awesome vibes, he gave me references, advice and even an audition for penthouse. So I walk out the door and I’m halfway to my car and I hear running footsteps in the hallway behind me and “Jenna! Jenna!”, I looked around and checked to see if I had left something in my purse. Nope, so I start running back towards them and I see them jumping, ecstatic, yelling at me to go back inside! I walk in and Spiegler’s like “you’re in”! I saw this whole thing happen in third person.


What feature most attracts you to another woman?
I love beautiful women. I love curves and I’m a sucker for a great smile.

Which directors do you most look forward to working with?
I look forward to working with Stormy Daniels, Anton Slayer, Jonni Darkko, Jules Jordan, Brad Armstrong, Axel Braun, Jacky St James, Mason, Toni Ribas.

Has anything surprised you about the industry?
Yes, I’m constantly learning new things and popping cherries!


 Hot Girls Wanted has not been well received within the industry. What are your  thoughts on it?
It opens your eyes to a certain part of the industry. It’s so different from my experience into the porn industry that I was shocked.

 Tell us some of your guilty pleasures?
I love bubble baths! I love body scrubs, body butters, bath bombs and all pampering. I make my   own organic soaps, even for my dogs.


 What are your thoughts on the proposed mandatory condom measure?
I think it’s critical to promote safe sex, especially in porn. However, I also don’t agree in the  infringement of creative and sexual freedoms. Good intention, bad execution.

 Would there ever be a situation were you would shoot a B/G?
I’m here for the ladies.

 In your down time, what are some of the things you enjoy?
I enjoy hiking, doing yoga, going to the beach and playing with my pups. I like going boating,    off-roading, exploring nature and being naked.

 Are you a cat or a dog person? any pets?
I’m a fur mom to a boy English Bullterrier and a girl French Bulldog. Although I love all animals, my cat allergies have gotten too bad so I can’t live with them anymore.


When it comes to politics what do you consider yourself?  party wise?
I’m independent.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the best, where would you rate President Obama’s performance up to this point?  Are there any policies the administration has passed that your for? against? what are they?
I would rate President Obama’s performance a 7. Not as great as everyone thought, but not as bad as our last. I wish he would’ve been a little more aggressive on certain things, but I understand it’s not an easy job and promises are easily crushed by reality.

Who do hope the next President is?
So far, out of all the people in the race, I hope the next president is Bernie Sanders.

Do you own a gun? If so what kind?

Any advice for someone who may be thinking about a career in the adult industry?
Pace yourself. There’s no reason to do something that you don’t want to do. You’re in control. Stay in control and practice safe sex.

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