Mark Spiegler’s Cat Questioned in Death Of A Bird: A Penny Pax Tell-All Interview

Apr 19, 2012
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Lots of questions floating around the porn world this week.. How is Sean a perfect 13-0 at word with friends? Why does Penny Pax love Peepee? And what really happened to Peaches the bird? How long were you shooting porn before you made the move to LA?

I did my first scene in November and moved out to LA officially in February

Why did you choose Mark Spiegler as your agent?

Mark Spiegler is simply the best.

How different is the Florida porn scene compared to the LA porn scene?

Florida porn takes all day to shoot a gonzo scene.

Didn’t take you long to get your first DP out of the way. Did you tell Mark you wanted to do a DP ? or did he offer it to you?

I told Mark I had no limits, so when he asked me about going to do my first gangbang and DP I was stoked.

How was it? Will you do it again?

It was incredibly pleasurable and easy, and actually my ultimate fantasy! I got to play an innocent American girl mixed up in some foreign company with the police and they all had their way with me. I would most definitely do it again, I want to do a DP that I can express how much I’m enjoying it instead of acting like I don’t.

What’s your favorite non pornographic magazine to masturbate to?

I have to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever masturbated to any kind of magazine…

Tell me a secret about Spiegler…

The last time he got drunk he killed two guys in a knife fight in Vegas.

Who has the best tasting pussy?

I haven’t eaten much pussy since I got in the industry, but I think my pussy tastes like candy.

Have you shot with condoms yet? If so how was it?

I shot my scenes for BangBros with condoms, and honestly I don’t really mind them. I had always used condoms in my personal life anyways.

Tell me what you like about Chastity Lynn’s farts?

Hahaha I was quoting a tv show that we woke up to that morning. I couldn’t believe that bathroom humor was on cartoon network! Isn’t that channel for kids??

Which weighs more, a pound of rocks or a pound of feathers?


How did you come up with the name Penny Pax?

Ok, so I have have a little bit of a pp fetish and I wanted a cute innocent name that is secretly dirty. Just like me.

If you could tell Obama one thing what would it be?

Congratulations. Have you ever seen the secret bag of gold Spiegler wears around his neck?

Yes, its actually a secret bag of candy he uses to train the Spiegler girls.

Where can we see you take a cum shot on your glasses?

My “Praise the Load 7” scene is a definite, I get 4 loads on them! It’s also my first blowbang. 🙂

Do you think mandatory condoms will hurt porn, or not really affect it at all?

I know I don’t really enjoy watching condom porn, but if that’s all there is… I think it should be a choice made by each performer at the time of their scene.

If you new a performer hadn’t tested, but was gonna wear a condom, would you work with him still?

No way, Jose.

Have you been offered a scene you turned down? if so what was it?

Nope, I want to do everything!

What will you NOT do on camera?

Is there anything you can’t DO on camera?

Are your boobs real?

Yep! You can’t make sag like that.

Is shooting porn addicting? Some people seem to think you cant quit without outside help. Do you think that’s true?

I wouldn’t say the sex is addicting, but the performing sure is.

Could you please tell me how cool I am…

Omg Sean you are the coolest!

I saw you tweeted your website was being worked on. How much longer? Whose doing it?

No release date yet, I only purchased the domain name. Is it true that Spiegler threw a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese for Alaska the cat?

Haha no, but he does go to an exclusive pet resort when Mark goes out of town. Alaska is the only cat allowed there.

[After this interview was already returned to me Alaska the cat was questioned in the death of Monica Foster’s bird Peaches..No charges were filed.]

Are you doing any webcamming?

I haven’t yet, but maybe one day.

Are you afraid of daywalkers?

What are daywalkers?

Check out a Penny Pax Bangbros Clip

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10 years ago

is Spiegler’s cat any relation to Schrödinger’s cat?


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