Primal Fetish & Alex Coal Accused Of Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Doxxing

Jun 9, 2020
Adult Business News
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primal fetish

Primal Fetish aka Michael Masters and his girlfriend, Hussie Models talent Alex Coal, who coincidentally is a client of The Rub PR, were accused today of sexual assault, abuse and doxxing by a number of performers. Apparently he has gotten a pass for so long because he is one of the top money makers on Clips4Sale.

Here’s a small sample with a few selected direct messages and texts mixed in:


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Noe Naeim
Noe Naeim
4 days ago

It’s fucked up. There’s a lot of pornstar actors and producers out there that are completely getting away with pretty much rape! This shit need to end now!

Women and men of porn industry, keep being brave and coming out with Your stories and hopefully someday soon these Monsters will be prosecuted and locked up.

I hope more women are able to take the industry out of almost male dominated hands and control it better. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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