Prostitute debunks Penis Size Myths

Feb 23, 2016
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A sex worker from Las Vegas-area adult resort and legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch has recently exposed the most commonly perpetuated penis size myths. Blithe, a licensed prostitute who works at the bordello, believes that sex workers are best suited to speak on the controversial subject of penis size, since they belong to a professional group with the most experience dealing with penises in relation to sex.

“Prostitutes are penis experts. There is no other group of professionals – not scientists, not academic researchers, not journalists – that have more experience viewing and handling a large number and wide variety of penises,” Blithe says in a blog posted on the Sheri’s Ranch website, defending her right to opine on the topic.

“There is a lot of speculation about what the perfect penis is supposed to look like, how long or wide it needs to be in order to deliver pleasure, and what’s considered ‘ideal’” observes Blithe, who then goes on to criticize websites that endeavor to define the ideal penis size.

“They come in all shapes, lengths, widths, and colors. Some bend upwards, some downwards, some curve to the side. Some are almost the size of my forearm, some the size of my thumb. I’ve seen penises with a sharp bend like a water faucet, and penises shaped like a mushroom, with a large head on a smaller shaft. While some online resources will try to trick people into believing that there is such a thing as an ‘ideal penis,’ I’m here to tell you that as long as your penis is healthy, it’s ideal for sex and is capable of pleasing a woman.”

Blithe also refutes common opinion that a larger penis administers greater sexual pleasure.

“When another woman describes good sex to me, she’ll very rarely mention the size or appearance of her partner’s penis,” she says, explaining that women are not nearly as fixated on penis size.  “No matter what the size, if you apply pressure in the right areas or use the right rhythm it’s going to make her feel good.”

Blithe also reminds men that “you can and should use more than just your penis to please a woman,” noting that sexual prowess involves more than one part of a person’s anatomy.

“What I’ve discovered during my time as a sex worker is that what matters most is the person attached to the penis, not the penis itself. If that person is sensitive to his partner’s needs and takes the time to discover what turns her on, he will be a successful lover and make her orgasm again and again.”

For more information, read the blog post.

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Ramon VM
7 years ago

This kind of statements makes me wake up again from the monotonous porn scenes now a days film houses make. This girl for sure knows the real term of “have sex” and or “make love”. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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