Rick Madrid Picks up his AVN Trophies from AVN Office #WolfHudson

Dec 11, 2020
Adult Business
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The other day, Both AVN & XBIZ ran a PR about grandmas who like black dicks.  And per the norm, the Whiny bitches cried about AVN running it and neglected saying anything about XBIZ running it. Not sure if this was a Whiny bitch oversight, or more to the fact that XBIZ now caters to Whiny bitches so they got a Whiny Bitch pass coupled with a discreet Whiny Bitch hotline phone call. Guess who mans the Whiny Bitch hotline? Guess? Great story for another day.

These same whiny bitches complained about Pornhub and illegal content, then when Pornhub temporarily lost VISA/MC because of the backlash, they started whining about that. Wolf Hudson is a professional whiny bitch.

Rain in the forecast, Wolf complains. Gas prices go up, Wolf complains. Burger King takes something off the menu, there’s Wolf, blaming it on racism and threatening to eat at Wendy’s.

Spurred on by professional thief and BIPOC founder Sinnamon Love, Wolf decided to teach AVN a lesson. He decided to take a box of what he alleges are his AVN awards, and drop them off at the AVN offices, in protest of the PR being ran. Apparently Wolf won The Whiny Bitch award more than once.

Wolf even tweeted a picture of himself dropping off some boxes at a very closed AVN office. Cuz you know, what good is being offended/protesting if no one knows? Virtue signalling at its finest.

Ever notice, when it comes to “racial stuff” it’s always Whitey who screams loudest? Wolf wants his BIPOC peeps to see he’s down with the Spike Lee joint. Only problem is, when you look at Twitter, the only ones really mad at AVN are the white folks, and Sinnamon, but she doesn’t count, her outrage is just a paycheck, it’s all about those Micro Grants.

Yes, I know Wolf, your IAFD pages lists you as  Caucasian/Black/Latin/Multi-ethnic, but if you put on your FUBU and walked into certain Compton areas and said “Whats up my N***A?” they would kill you.

So ole Wolf dropped off 2 of the roughly 7000 Trophies AVN has handed out over the last 36 years. My inside sources at AVN tell me Tony is probably gonna resign and David Lo Pan’s brother, the Chinese Assassin known only as “Man Win” is currently on a flight to the US.

AVN has since pulled the PRESS RELEASE, something they would have done had someone just called over and asked. But no one likes to get shit done, they have to be seen doing it, otherwise no one one would know they “care.”

I’m sure by now, Lasha is wondering how Rick Madrid fits into this.

Well, Wolf dropped off his boxes at an empty office, and most likely a homeless guy is now an AVN award winner. Opps my bad snowflakes, A homeless guy, girl, trans, cis gender, pan-sexual, bi, gay, he she, hers his, binary, non binary, non sexual, animal lover, vegan,  is now an AVN award winner.

Rick Madrid Soliciting Amateur Talent From His Homeless Shelter (UPDATED: Rick Responds)

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Trump Won, Stop The Steal
Trump Won, Stop The Steal
2 years ago

So granny doesn’t love black dick? Did any actual black people complain? What do they plan to do with the footage? was there any backlash from whiney bitches about “Jews Love Black cock” DVD?

2 years ago

Wolf Hudson is a diffrent race depending on what content he’s pushing. I bet he’s the one who reached out to IAFD and had 16 races listed. TRPWL you’re slipping man, you didn’t work James Bartholet into the post.

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