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Aug 3, 2015
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So today Shy Love sends out a self serving PR claiming victory in a case that’s still in the discovery stage..Shy, the chick who claims to have 2 bachelors degrees and a masters, must of thought AVN and XBIZ attended the same journalism school as Mike South. Imagine her surprise when she found out that they reached out to Mark Schechter, one of the people allegedly scammed by Shy in the sale of ATMLA.

What came out in both the XBIZ and AVN piece was Shy stating in a deposition the she in fact DIDN’T own The Vip Connect.  She stated her husband did and for all I know, on paper that may be correct..

My questions are, if Shy doesn’t own the VIP Connect, Why would the revelation of her being a scammer who cooked the books impact business at The VIP Connect? Its not like Shy ever held herself out as owning the agency.






Why does Shy Love want everyone to know she’s licensed?  Im confused. If Shy is merely an employee then she wouldn’t need a license. The Marks both have employees that help with talent, bookings and other things, im certain none of them had to get a LIC..

How come when a girl tweets about signing with VIP, the standard text includes “I’m with Shy Love now”?

How come I have screencaps of Shy claiming to own VIP?

How did the whole porn world get fooled into thinking Shy Love owned the VIP Connect? We must all be fucked in the head for thinking Shy owns the VIP Connect. Glad she straightened all that up, now I can move on to other alleged scam artists.

Shy Cares

“I have always given talent something they’re not accustomed to,” vowed Love.

Anyone wanna guess how many girls have left The VIP Connect the last 45 days? 9,10? As a parting gift Shy, the person who cares about the girls and doesn’t own VIP,  gives them something they’re not accustomed to, by way of a threat. She lets them know if they talk bad about her she “will post their personal information online”  Classy.  Im sure they leave the VIP not because of how great of an Agent Shy is, no they leave because of Mark and Barrett. Damn you Mark Schechter

Shy, Im reminded of when this whole lawsuit thing started, when you started feeding info about Mark and it was getting posted around the net. What struck me the most about all that was literally hundreds of people came to Marks defense. Shy, in the 4.5 years Ive been doing this, Ive only seen 6 people defend you, Cameron Bay, a blogger, Derek Hay, Sofia Santi, Monica Foster, and a Porn Star who has since come to her senses…

Says alot…







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8 years ago

If Shy did in fact own VIP Connect, would it make her the first horse to ever own a stable?

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