Rob Black Created The Universal Symbol For Dumba@#

Jul 15, 2013
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So Rob Black finally came up with the logo for his latest scam. After looking at it, it’s impressive. The fact that Mrs. Johnson’s 3rd grade class was able to color inside the lines is golden.

BPP7tXQCYAAlXNm.jpg large copy

Apparently, Rob Black wants people to place his logo on their sites. Laughable to say the least. What porn talent or adult industry worker wouldn’t want to brand themselves as a Rob Black supporter? But what if I’m wrong? What if there are people out there who want that ridiculous thing on their website?

As an award winning journalist, my job is to investigate. So I sent 50,000 blind emails to different people from all walks of life. Here are the ones who are fans of Rob Black.

Will you place Rob Blacks logo on your website??

“Hell yea, We are 100% behind Rob Black. Hes a good man” National Director of The Knights, Pastor Thomas Robb (KKK)

“All we can say is Rob Black was a great snitch and we owe him” Dept Director of The FBI

“We love Rob Black, He hates non whites and gets our full support” Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church

“Rob Owes over $1000 in returned check fees, if us placing his logo helps him pay us we are all for it” Harvey Ostien, US Bank Collection Dept

“We don’t have a website, but if we did we would put it up, he’s helped us by taking Katie off our hands, her medications were breaking us”
Katie Summers parents

“Ive ben N over 7000 sens and retired rich you faggot and rOB Black is a porn god ROLMAO Bang Boom Pow” Donny Long

“Rob pays 1/4 of the rent so I don’t have a choice” Tom Byron

“I think Judge Judy could beat up Harry Potter” Katie Summers

“I’m not old enough to have a credit card so I can’t start a website, but when I do I’m putting his logo up” 8th grader Rob sold weed to

“Why Yes, I will Support Rob Black. He’s promised me access to his head after he dies” Robert A. Hatch – University of Florida Specialist who specializes in studying people with very low IQs

and of course:

FireShot Screen Capture #060 - 'Monica Foster (MonicaFoster) on Twitter' - twitter_com_MonicaFoster

Rob Black getting support from Monica Foster? What could possibly go wrong? I know if I was gonna start a pro porn industry union, Monica Foster is the one I would want promoting me.

Nothing says dumb-ass more than a Rob Black project approved by Monica Foster.

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Anthony Kennerson
Anthony Kennerson
10 years ago

Over/under on AHF adopting UAWA as their official go-to snitch group for their condom policing??

10 years ago

Black prolly got good at salad tossing when he was in the joint, so that should gin him favor with Wienstien. Hey Rob, since you don’t have a pot to piss in, if I fuck Katie, will you send Alkie Gene and Byron to come get my thumbs? That may make it worth over paying for low rent pussy. Lord knows you can’t handle bidness yourself, or else yer last ho wouldn’t have had to bang the help. To the fake lawyers out there, I live in an “equal force” state. If they come at me with hedge clippers, can… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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