Sasha Grey Talks Sexuality, Tinder, And Pasta

Feb 16, 2014
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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the modern homemaking site Sous Style caught up with the ex-porn star Sasha Grey. Grey is famously known for her upfront and open conversation around her career, and continuing conversation around the adult film industry.

Though Grey’s had to deal with her fair share of rude men in and out of the industry, she tells Sous Style, “I don’t want to be rude, but in actuality it’s the guys who are being rude, so I stand up for myself!” She believes it’s her job to own her sexuality while simultaneously not letting it define her.

With a successful career as an actress and author, she seems to be achieving just this. She admits that while her instincts may be her driving force. “I want to learn how to refine that,” she adds. “I feel like this is a challenge for all young people.” Check out the full interview, see saucy pictures of Grey cooking up a delicious pasta dish, and learn her own Tinder confessions here.


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Sasha Grey Talks Sexuality, Tinder, And Pasta | AdultWikiMedia
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