Sexually Assaulted Male Tells His Story

Apr 10, 2020
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This is a comment left on the Kora Peters story, it was so moving, we decided to make a post. Be careful out there..

Most men are too afraid of ridicule to report physical or sexual abuse by women. I myself was subjected to trauma induced by being taken advantage of sexually by a woman. I was high on methamphetamine and drinking heavily when i picked up a woman who was a good 50 rumpled pounds larger than her photos showed. She was meaty and borderline in the photos, but my impaired state and her coercion via describing vile acts she would like to perform coaxed me out of the safety of my home and into the darkness of the night.

Those same chemicals and lures impaired me to the point where I subjected myself to a myriad of regrettable deeds, which i never would have participated in while in an unaltered state. My consumption was discussed, so she clearly knew i was legally unable to consent. The visual and olfactory recollections will burden my memory until I meet my mortal end.

How could I look a police officer in the eye and file a report? How could i explain to family and friends that i was preyed upon, due to combined addictions of substance and sex? How could I relive the horror in a court room, being forced to give a detailed account of every repulsing deed, and admitting on record that i am a weak and vulnerable man? And then to have a defense attorney mock my truth and tell me that an erection and orgasm were proof that i enjoyed being raped? If I lacked the intestinal fortitude to flee a.dangerous situation, how could i withstand all that.

This is why i respect other victims who come forward and face their abuser, men in particular. When society paints you, it is never gray, only black or white, predator or prey. I couldnt be able to cope with the disparaging labels of Victim and Prey slapped on me, in addition to the emotional scars of my trauma. Best that only my corpulent abuser and I know the horrors i suffered through, then hopefully the memories will fade. Only tales of others’ abuse and the sight of rotund females in form fitting clothes trigger flashbacks to the horrifying events of that evening. I am so glad her cell number was out of service the next time i got spun.

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