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Jun 12, 2015
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Every year I find that Father’s Day sneaks up on me with no warning, probably because I haven’t had a solid relationship with my own dad for some time, and therefore don’t realize the holiday has come until it’s gone.

He and I never have phone conversations leading up to the occasion. Nor do we text or email father-daughter pleasantries, plotting out things like the old man’s vacation to Los Angeles to see me, or my trip to Florida to visit him and the wife. So, you can imagine how easy it is to forget something, or someone you don’t really know, and don’t have much contact with.


When I do remember it’s Father’s Day I privately acknowledge the few men in my life who have stepped up to the plate, who throughout the years have become my adopted or replacement father figures. Upon reflection, I find that I surround myself with male friends who are terrific parents to their children. These are men whom I admire and look up to as exemplary role models for other men. Just like Bill Bixby’s nostalgic patriarchal character in the The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, they are the types of men that I wished I had for a dad when I was growing up.

One example that comes to mind of someone that I have enormous respect for, as a pioneer, an entrepreneur, and as a faithful and fearless father, is my dear friend Adam Glasser. I have known Adam for many years both personally, and professionally as his pseudonym Seymore Butts. Adam aka Seymore is porn royalty – I don’t know one aficionado alive who does not know his name .


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