Social Media Account Claiming To Be UK Pornstar Chessie Kay Tweets HIV Warning UPDATED

May 12, 2016
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Note sure whats going on here. Possibly this persons account was hacked or its a well disguised fake account ..However if you’ve been in contact with this person, reach out…Again, this isn’t a US based performer but it is what it is. Hopefully, she was hacked and its just bullshit

Now, there are 3 accounts, both active and to be honest, I don’t know who runs what.

I decided to go ahead and run this for 2 reasons, 1, there is a small chance it may be legit, and 2, if South ran it, it would turn into “109 people have full blown AIDS, all of them contracted it on a Kink Set and FSC is covering it up, also, Shawn Thompson is a scumbag..”

If anyone has any legit info please let me know..Id like to remove this post ASAP..

This has since proven to be fake…



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Ramon VM
6 years ago

A cording to other news this was produced by the account that is suspended, so perhaps the two of them that still and that I follow are real, especially @Chessie_Kay because I found this tweet: - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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