Survey Finds Getting Massive Breast Implants Massively Improves Your Sex Life

Jun 1, 2012
Adult Business News
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Allow THIS to be the final push you needed to get your breasts done. Not only will they make your clothes fit better, not only will they pay for themselves in free drinks and getting out of speeding tickets, but they’ll crank up your SEX LIFE too.

–A new survey of women with breast enhancements found that they enhance every aspect of getting-it-on . . .

–61% of women with implants say they now have sex more frequently.

–75% of women with enhanced breasts say their partners also think the implants have improved HIS sex life.

–And women averaged a 34% increase in sexual satisfaction.

–The people behind the survey believe all of this comes from the CONFIDENCE that breast enhancement brings.

–And now, the only detail that kind of brings us down . . . the survey was done by a company called So they might not be the MOST objective researchers.


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Anthony Kennerson
11 years ago

And in other fascinating findings, water is wet, a clear sky is always blue, and Monica Foster remains a whack lunatic.

Of course, getting bigger boobs will improve a woman’s sex life….why the hell else would she get them in the first place??


11 years ago

I must disagree with having big breast making clothes fit better. I have naturally big breast, & finding clothes that fit me is a nightmare. What I would give to be a B-cup 🙂 - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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