The Christina Parreira Vacation Fund Suffers A Setback

Dec 30, 2015
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On the heels of my groundbreaking  Christina Parreira opus comes breaking news that no one really cares about..Im only writing it because yesterday after my earth shattering Parreira revelations she began tweeting things about my family and texting my about her lawyer, even going as far as to suggest her lawyer had more than enough on me and was preparing to destroy me..Well, what does one do when threatened by a drug using retard, he writes meaningless posts about her so everyone can laugh even more.  Please don’t confuse this post with part 2 of the new hot series, “As The Porca Turns, The Christina Parreira Files”  this is just filler..


So yesterday, Christina’s vacation fund had 4 donations totaling $470.00.


This morning it was down to $30.00


Millions of TRPWL readers have been speculating all morning as to what happened to the anonymous $440 donation. Did Bill Cosby take his money back for his legal defense?  Did Peyton Manning need it for more HGH?  Did the donor read my perfectly crafted oeuvre and withdraw it?  Or was there treachery afoot?

One reader who isn’t Jewish sent me that text.

One thing is certain, no one really cares, and another thing is certain, her fundraiser isn’t going well, and another thing is certain, I DON’T GIVE TWO FUCKS ABOUT YOUR FUCKING LAWYER YOU FAT PIG

Oh Im sorry let me make up for my mean spirited remarks,,, Please, go donate to her vacation fund

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Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi
8 years ago

It’s hilarious, a few months back Christina was criticizing some woman for raising $18 on her GFM. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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