“Sober” Drug User Christina Parreira’s Latest Money Scam

Dec 29, 2015
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With the proper use of the word your (you’re) comes tremendous responsibility. I swore to Hemingway, Shakespeare, Tarantino and my neighbor Steve that I wouldn’t abuse my power as a wordsmith and my wrath would be directed at those truly deserving. Going thru my Rolodex of vile cunts who should have never been born, the name Christina Parreira popped up 184 times.

Most of you know who she is, she’s the sometimes sex worker activist who runs her mouth like she’s someone. This is one of those chicks who isn’t happy unless she’s creating drama.  Take me for instance, because she is or was married to someone who was once a good friend, I basically overlooked her drunken idiotic ramblings. I chalked them up to her being a drug addict with low self esteem.  She would tweet stupid shit, and her hubby would quickly text me saying she fell off the wagon and ask me to ignore, which I did for the most part.  It wasn’t until August, when I had an extremely hot bodied pornstar write a fitness column for TRPWL. When Christina Parreria’s husband tweeted the link, like he did 100’s of others, the drunk pig took offense and started attacking not only me, but the person who wrote the column, for absolutely no other reason than her husband tweeted a link.

Christina is a vile disgusting pig, she’s filed fake police reports, been arrested for domestic violence, has drug and drinking issues, and has absolutely no moral compass.  She only cares about herself which will become even more apparent in part 2 of this series.

Proud Sex Worker 

Out of all the drug induced bullshit that comes from the pig’s mouth, Proud Sex Worker is one my favs. See back in 2012 when I first became aware of her, we called her Christina Page.  She wasn’t a proud out sexworker, even though she would repeatedly out others. No, she was in hiding, once she even got mad at her then BF when he told me she cammed. You know when she became a proud sexworker? Right around the time she was exposed in the Hugo Schwyzer scandal. When the Hugo stuff hit, she accused us of outing sexworkers, once she realized that shit didn’t stick, she became ‘proud.’ LOL  She’s a fraud in every way imaginable.

Sex Workers Advocate

Constantly she says that over and over, but yet, all she over does is attack sex workers. Anyone who doesn’t agree with her gets outed, real names, links to their TER or other escort ads. She interjects herself into anything that will get her attention. Last year she jumped at accused rapists, screaming, “Just because she’s a sexworker doesn’t mean she can’t get raped.” Flash forward to the James Deen allegations, what does she do?  She attacks every single girl who made a claim, from Stoya to Joanna Angel. She then hide behind “Due Process.”  LOL. Christina Parreria is a borderline commie pig who has said more than once she’s ashamed to live in the US, and is screaming due process, which according to her timeline didn’t apply in the Ferguson shootings, where she tried and convicted the police long before any findings came out.  If she can get attention she will do it. She has no allegiance, no real friends, it always has to be about Christina Parreria.

Fundraiser Scam


I call it a scam because fundraisers IMO are reserved for the people who have no money or very little money. Looking at the screencaps below it appears that according to her she’s doing just fineIMG_1805 She’s saying She has money, and earlier implied she hired and attorney. She’s got so much money in fact, she doesn’t want any money because she thinks she will win. Weird huh? Basically she’s saying she has money to burn on bullshit lawsuits. LOL Porca.

She’s got so much money in fact, that last month she was a offering 5k bounty for the name of a troll account:



Man, must be nice to have that type of disposable cash.  She never seems to be lacking funds when she needs drugs, or new TV’s:


Maybe it’s the drugs that make her tweet these types of things:



I’m sorry, smoking pot and other drugs but not drinking doesn’t make you sober, it makes you look like a fucking retard for even using the word sober.


Honestly, do any of you really wanna give your hard earned cash to someone who tweets this?

IMG_1801 IMG_1802 IMG_1803

She said , “you cant trust a women who can’t spell”. From her Christina Parreira fundraiser:

IMG_1808 IMG_1809 IMG_1810

Oh no, seems Porca doesn’t use spell check. Glass houses. LOL. And just in case she fixes it, here is the scam fundraiser in full:

FullSizeRender(16) FullSizeRender(17) FullSizeRender(18) FullSizeRender(19)

Anyway Porca, you wanted my attention, you got it. I’m your huckleberry.

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8 years ago

So it’s once again over between Michael and Christina. And it’s now over between you and Michael too. And his twitter account has been suspended. What happened there?
I am just going to ask this straight off the bat:

Is there any chance that maybe one day, you, Michael, the Lubbens, Christina, Monica Foster will all meet up in one place and start getting fruity with each other?

Just let all the hatred and rivalry suddenly evaporate in one giant EXPLOSIVE passionate orgy.

8 years ago

I better hope that Michael Whiteacre can finally be able to upload Eps 5 & 6 of The Devil & Shelley Lubben without Christina Parreira and her pot smoking antics getting in his way by filing false arrests against him. Now see, something is wrong with Parreira there. Except that the government is too lenient on people like Shelley Lubben, Garrett Lubben, Christina Parreira and Monica Foster. They’d rather pick on Michael Whiteacre instead just to buy every one else more time to further their agendas and lies in the process. If the government in this modern day and age… Read more »

Rollo Tomassi
Rollo Tomassi
8 years ago

“Oppurtunity” is calling, Christina. lol

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